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Below are the old forum threads, including responses to the original posts.

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Fly on the Wall
 Post subject: Stupid Crooks Candidate?
Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 9:18 am 
An RF engineer where I work recently took a business trip to Japan to visit with some customers. While there, he took it upon himself to acquire a “portable network analyzer” to assist him with his job. According to what he told his manager once the MC charge was discovered, the $500 device was just what he needed to help with obtaining good impedance matches on our devices while at customer locations trying to help integrate the parts onto their PCBs.

Wisely, the manager insisted on seeing this miracle piece of test equipment. After some argument, he produced the “network analyzer.” As suspected, it was actually a very high quality antenna VSWR measurement box (complete with digital readout) that just so happened to be popular amongst well-funded Hams. I would never have suspected this particular guy of such underhanded schemes; I am very disappointed in him.

A few weeks later, he quit the company for an engineering management job where, hopefully, he’ll be well-qualified to audit employee expense reports for fraud.

After hearing of this guy’s escapade, I did a Google Search on the VSWR meter model he purchased (a Japanese brand that came with no user’s manual), I found a Ham forum that he had posted to bragging of the wonderful purchase he had made while on a business trip. Does this qualify for the Stupid Crooks list? He should know that the 5th Ammendment to the U.S. Constitution prevents him from being compelled to testify against himself!

Sorry for the anonymity of this post, but I’d like to protect all innocent parties.

 Post subject:
Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2005 11:21 pm 
You gotta be kidding. Someone actually tried that? What a maroon!

Posted  11/12/2012