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Lance Chu
 Post subject: Antenna Measurement Solution
Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2006 9:33 am 
Introducing the newest addition to the Diamond Engineering product line: the DAMS 6000 v5.0 Antenna Measurement System

Finally an affordable system capable of precise and advanced 3D measurement of antennas ranging in frequency from DC to 18 GHz. Using a USB interface, the included software simplifies and automates antenna measurement allowing basic plotting, 3D color coordinated patterns, and advanced calculations for the most demanding users. Backed by a 2 year unlimited warranty, Diamond Engineering represents not only quality you can see, but quality you can trust.

Why settle for anything less, when everything else costs so much more?

Platform Features:
- DC-18 GHz Frequency Range
- Precision 2 axis Movement
- Accuracy to 1/8 of a degree
- Non-Metallic platform
- Ideal for small test environments
- 360 Degrees Horizontal Rotation
- +/- 45 Degree Elevation Movement
- Standard USB/Serial Connection
- For Small to Medium Sized Antennas

- Easy to use Interface
- Up to 801 frequencies
- Real Time Measurement Display
- GPIB Instrument Connection
- Data Import/Export Functions
- High Resolution 3D Plots
- Works with most Analyzers

Advanced Features
- Measurement array calculator
- Iso-Sphere Plots
- Spherical Plots
- Plot Overlays
- Amplitude and Polar Plots

As a representative of Diamond Engineering, I have full confidence in our product and will gladly answer any questions you may have. For more information or promotional discounts please contact me at

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Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 8:05 pm 
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It's definitely not worth the money! The SW is hard to get used to and the whole system can be built and programmed a LOT cheaper (if you have the resources or skills!!!)

Posted  11/12/2012