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December 27, 2008 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

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RF Cafe: Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

1. Test equipment that causes a meter decrease (dip) when near resonant circuits, 3 wds.
8. Chemical symbol for lawrencium
9. Crystal filter type
11. Measured a waveform at regular intervals
15. Heatsink feature
17. Modulation type, abbr.
19. RF ____, the world's best engineering website
20. IC's
22. Local Oscillator
23. Unix, Linux or Windows
24. Majority carriers in p-type material
26. One port of an amplifier
28. RF connector manufacturer in Rock Hill, SC
30. Chemical symbol for arsenic
31. Chemical symbol for tin
32. Semiconductor and calculator company, abbr.
33. Infrared, abbr.
35. A common battery cell size
37. Chemical symbol for molybdenum
38. The "E" in EHF
40. Logical negation operator
42. _____-Carlo analysis
44. Abbreviation for peak voltage
46. Opposite of a LO
47. Greek symbol commonly used to represent angles
49. Set of poles
51. 1e3 uV
52. Solder paste vendor in Lincoln, RI
53. Measured
55. Finite-Element Model
57. Chemical symbol for selenium
58. Type of screwdriver head
2. Precision landing system, abbr.
3. Constellation : The dragon
4. IC killer
5. Chemical symbol for tantalum
6. Modern battlefield technique, abbr.
7. Low risk estimate or action
10. Heat measuring instruments
12. Waveform limit definition, pl.
13. Unit of capacitance, abbr.
14. Front edge of a wing, abbr.
15. Type of nuclear reaction that powers an atom bomb
16. Internet protocol, abbr.
18. Minutes of Use
20. Chemical symbol for chlorine
21. Common form of energy arising from the kinetic energy of atoms and molecules
24. Chemical symbol for mercury
25. International phonetic alphabet letter "O"
27. Adjusted
29. RF attenuator maker, now owned by Aeroflex
34. One factor of a polynomial
36. Heat sink vendor in Laconia, NH
39. Chemical symbol for xenon
41. Unit of resistance
43. 1e-6 mA
45. Cambridge _____, technical book publisher
48. 3 MHz to 30 MHz
49. Chemical symbol for plutonium
50. Army-Navy spec
53. Miniature threaded RF connector
54. Keyboard key
55. Foot, abbr.
56. Chemical symbol for erbium

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