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August 30, 2009 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

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RF Cafe - Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

2. _______ + 25D, RF filter & components manufacturer in Garfield, NJ
7. Form of digital encoding
13. Set of poles
14. ____ Technologies, RF module maker in Merlin, OR
15. Filter type, abbr.
17. Type of current flow
18. Chemical symbol for terbium
20. Uppermost surface
21. Precipitates
26. Unit of current
30. Resistor vendor in Berne, IN
31. Lowest value in a list
32. Type of data conversion device, abbr.
33. Test equipment manufacturer, now Agilent
35. Digital encoding of the transmission mode in the vertical sync portion of an SSTV image, abbr.
37. Feedback system used to maintain constant level, abbr.
38. PC follower
39. Abbreviation for 26A
41. Type of logic gate
43. Ham abbreviation for transceiver
44. Automated Test Equipment, abbr.
45. Arithmetic Logic Unit, abbr.
46. Search ______; e.g., Google, Yahoo, Bing
48. The company, now owned by Lockheed Martin, that managed the Intelsat system, located in Germantown, MD
50. Chemical symbol for polonium
51. Test point, abbr.
53. Kilovolts, abbr.
55. Have a chemically induced effect
56. Surface mount, abbr.
58. Positively charged ions
61. Instrument for measuring current
64. Dilbert's female co-worker
65. Theoretical
66. Computer monitor cable type
68. Chemical symbol for thulium
71. Chemical symbol for chlorine
72. Semiconductor device type, abbr.
73. Circular mounting hardware
74. _______ Microwave, SSPA manufacturer in Trenton, NJ
1. _________ + 25D, I/Q & SSB mixer products vendor in Bloomington, IN
3. Chemical symbol for neptunium
4. A common battery cell size
5. Adds solder to the tip of a soldering iron
6. Chemical symbol for erbium
8. Chemical symbol for thallium
9. Antenna radiated power measurement, abbr.
10. Chemical symbol for radon
11. Armored cable type
12. The "A" in AM
16. U.S. Spectrum allocation agency
17. Application Specific Integrated Circuit, abbr.
19. Bit rate unit
20. Test Equipment Connection, in Lake Mary, FL, abbr.
22. Amateur Television, abbr.
23. C# statement that ensures Dispose is called even if an exception occurs
24. 1/6 inch printer's measure; Electromagnetic
25. 2nd part of 1D, 2A, and 74A
27. Millimeter, abbr.
28. Quickly changing portions of waveforms
29. Radio Amateurs of Canada, abbr.
34. Related to FM by a differential
36. Semiconductor On Insulator, abbr.
37. Atmospheres, abbr.
38. Chemical symbol for aluminum
40. Peak Envelope Power, abbr.
42. RĂ¡dio Nacional de Angola, abbr.
44. Online service
45. Test document for verifying proper function, abbr.
47. Cell phone manufacturer
49. ASICs vendor in San Jose, CA
52. Last stage in a transmitter, abbr.
54. Electrical unit of potential difference, pl.
56. The "S" in SOIC
57. Morse Code for "from"
58. Mr. Gauss' first name
59. Battery cell chemistry type, abbr.
60. Chemical symbol for scandium
61. Analog-to-Digital, abbr.
62. ____ Electronics - RF/microwave components manufacturer in Denville, NJ
63. The "R" in BER
67. Bandwidth, abbr.
69. Chemical symbol for einsteinium
70. Start frequency, abbr.
72. Femtohenry, abbr.

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RF Cafe- Science & Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle