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Electrical Engineering Crossword Puzzle
February 12, 2012

Note: A standard for crossword puzzles is when all words in a clue are capitalized, the solution is the abbreviation or acronym for that clue; e.g., Alternating Current = AC.
2012 Crosswords Archive
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Electrical Engineeing Crossword Puzzle, 2/12/2012 - RF Cafe

2. Digital intelligence
6. Polynomial of second order
12. Chemical symbol for lead
14. The "S" in SAW
16. Internet address (abbr.)
17. High-speed logic family
18. Mr. Bohr's first name
21. Chemical symbol for cadmium
22. Engineer who experimented with extremely high voltages
23. Akin to EEs, CEs, AEs, etc.
25. Chemical symbol for palladium
26. U.S. military organization (abbr.)
27. Last statement in a BASIC program
29. Quantity of heat equal to 100,000 BTU
31. Chemical symbol for lanthanum
34. Software drafting tool (abbr.)
35. Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter (abbr.)
36. Agilent's EE design software (abbr.)
38. A processed or unprocessed semiconductor substrate
40. Small representative graphic
41. Dilbert rodent
43. Bursts of digital data
46. Component
47. Pick-and-_____ automated PCB component insertion tool
49. Keyboard key
50. UMTS terrestrial radio access (abbr.)
51. Government program to bring electricity to farms (abbr.)
53. One component of a complex number (abbr.)
54. The stuff in the solder core
56. Relative power level unit (abbr.)
58. Cooling device
59. Chemical symbol for lawrencium
60. Printer resolution abbreviation
61. Effect (named after its discoverer) that is the variation in the width of the base in a BJT due to a variation in the applied base-to-collector
63. Chemical symbol for krypton
65. International phonetic alphabet letter "A"
66. Very large unit of apparent power (abbr.)
67. Computer monitor resolution measure (abbr.)
69. Digital counter input line to set an initial value (pl.)
71. PC follower
72. Surface for a pointing device (2 wds.)
73. Application Specific Integrated Circuit (abbr.)
1. Reflection where light arriving from a single direction is reflected in a single direction
3. Chemical symbol for arsenic
4. Tweaked a filter for the correct response
5. Amateur Radio Emergency Service (abbr.)
6. Make equal
7. Multifunctional silicon devices (abbr., pl.)
8. Chemical symbol for neon
9. Greek letter (micro)
10. International Reply Coupon (abbr.)
11. Chemical symbol for aluminum
13. Binary Coded Decimal
15. Software storage unit
19. Semiconductor device type (abbr.)
20. Frequency division multiple access (abbr.)
22. Unit of weight
24. A Ham's operating enclosure
25. Common computer peripheral device
28. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
30. Generated an official engineering change document
32. Between-series connector
33. Precision approach radar (abbr.)
37. Network configuration type (pl.)
38. Term used in soldering to achieve the condition that occurs when the metals being soldered are hot enough to melt the solder so it flows over the surface
39. Sent a file over a network (abbr.)
40. Current-voltage phase mnemonic
42. Stranded shield in coax cable
44. Abbreviation for acknowledge (also a common word used by Bill the Cat)
45. Time required to transition up or down in voltage (2 wds.)
48. Named a software object
50. Internet addresses
52. 24 hours
55. Silicon transistor type (abbr.)
57. Common shorthand reference for a capacitor (pl.)
58. Area on a shaft for accommodating a setscrew (pl.)
62. Moon of Saturn discovered in 1672
63. Large unit of apparent power (abbr.)
64. Computer "brain" (abbr.)
65. Amateur Radio Association (abbr.)
67. Chemical symbol for polonium
68. Network department (abbr.)
69. Min-to-max voltage of a waveform (abbr.)
70. Chemical symbol for silicon

See solution below

Electrical Engineeing Crossword Puzzle Solution, 2/12/2012 - RF Cafe