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Engineering Crossword Puzzle
February 10, 2013

Note: A standard for crossword puzzles is when all words in a clue are capitalized, the solution is the abbreviation or acronym for that clue; e.g., Alternating Current = AC.
2013 Crosswords Archive
Visit the Crossword Express website - RF CafeTake a break from the drudgery by trying your hand at some of these goodies. Every word in the RF Cafe crossword puzzles is specifically related to engineering, mathematics, and science. There are no generic backfill words like many other puzzles give you, so you'll never see a clue asking for the name of a movie star or a mountain on the Russia-China border.

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Electrical Engineering Crossword Puzzle for February 10, 2013 - RF Cafe

1. Joining a male and a female connector
6. Region of low relative pressure
11. Amateur radio abbreviation for the Oceania region (abbr.)
12. ________ Tone - A tone or beep transmitted by a repeater to indicate that it is okay for the next station to begin transmitting
13. Chemical symbol for holmium
14. Circuit path with very high or infinite impedance
16. This calculus operation yields current through an inductor
17. Tie a bundle of wires together
19. BSEE + 2 years
21. Term for asymmetry of a statistical distribution
23. Optical cross-connect (abbr.)
25. Chemical symbol for plutonium
27. Readability, Signal, and Tone (QoS report type)
29. Home state of Los Alamos lab (abbr.)
30. Electronic component for passing certain frequencies and blocking others
31. Chemical symbol for lanthanum
32. Network department (abbr.)
33. A common battery cell size
34. Type of current
35. Part of a FOR loop
37. Infrared (abbr.)
38. Constellation : The southern cross
42. Indication of quality of received message
44. Type of spread spectrum that does not use frequency hopping (abbr.)
45. Stock symbol for Intel
46. Add an impurity to a semiconductor
48. Wheel attachment point
51. 1.602E-19 Joules
52. Unit for 1,000,000 watt-seconds (abbr.)
54. 1/6 inch printer's measure
56. Chemical symbol for thallium
57. Chemical symbol for bismuth
58. Test equipment (abbr.)
59. Remove heat by shedding burned material
60. Sound frequency in the human hearing range (abbr.)
61. Unit of energy
63. One port of an amplifier
64. 3-phase transformer configuration
65. Audio Frequency Shift Keying (abbr.)
68. International phonetic alphabet letter "P"
70. Telecommunications Information Network Architecture (abbr.), also my sister's name
71. Forerunner to NASA
72. Receiver power level circuitry (abbr.)
73. Chemical symbol for ruthenium
75. Surrounding environmental conditions
78. BS__ - the degree held by many RF Cafe visitors
79. Roller bearing devices on sides of rack-mounted equipment (pl.)
80. Software device for tracking elapsed time (pl.)
1. Having no inflection point
2. Type of current flow (abbr.)
3. Small representative graphics
4. Chemical symbol for nobelium
5. Bushing used to direct the path of a pushrod
6. An opening for airflow (pl.)
7. Chemical symbol for arsenic
8. 360 degrees of phase rotation
9. Unit of inductance (abbr.)
10. A type of pushbutton switch
15. Science of assuring operation amid dense EM background noise (abbr.)
18. The Microwave Office software company (abbr.)
20. Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (abbr.)
22. Mr. Blattenberger of RF Cafe
24. An abbreviation for "transmitter"
25. Programmable Logic Device (abbr.)
26. Coordinated Universal Time (abbr.)
28. Describes when a synchronous motor loses phase lock
33. RF IC manufacturer located in Dübendorf, Switzerland
36. Number system which uses only the digits 0 to 7
39. User Datagram Protocol
40. Greek letter
41. Circuit element connecting PCB layers
43. Ovenized crystal oscillator (abbr.)
46. Stage in a receiver in which the modulation is recovered from the RF signal
47. Radio term for indicating the end of a transmission segment
49. Online auction site
50. Average time it takes for a minority carrier to recombine (pl.)
53. Intentionally blocks communications signals
54. Voltage-current phase mnemonic
55. ELI the ICE ___
56. Prefix meaning ground or earth
62. Gallium nitride chemical symbol
64. Akin to WAC, only just in America
66. Physical unit used to measure capacitance
67. Adjustment dial (pl.)
68. Display a radar target
69. Geometric solid having two ends which are similar, equal, and parallel rectilinear figures, and sides which are parallelograms
74. Electrical safety organization (abbr.)
76. Akin to an EE, CE, AE, etc.
77. Semiconductor and calculator company (abbr.)
78. Chemical symbol for erbium

See solution below


Electrical Engineering Crossword Puzzle Solution for February 10, 2013 - RF Cafe