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Gigatronix launches new Ku-flex coaxial assemblies for high frequency applications
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Ku-flex – a new range of durable microwave coaxial cable assemblies for the Ku-band frequency range (12-18GHz) from Gigatronix, has been developed for 50 ohm applications to 18GHz where consistent high performance characteristics, flexibility and low loss are critical. This makes them an ideal solution for test, instrumentation and other high frequency applications.

Incorporating a flexible alternative to RG402 (“141) and RG405 (“086) semi-rigid cables, they remove the requirement for hand or precision bending and forming equipment whilst still maintaining the durability and performance characteristics commonly associated with semi-rigid cable assemblies.

All Ku-flex cable assemblies have a double screened, silver covered copper tape and braid construction that provides low passive intermodulation and comparable shielding effectiveness and power handling to that of RG402 and RG405 semi-rigid cables. In addition the cables have a fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) jacket, a PTFE dielectric and silver plated solid centre conductors. Ku-flex 402 cable assemblies have attenuation per metre of 2.10dB at 18GHz, whilst the 405 versions have attenuation per metre of 3.23dB per metre at 18GHz. Both assemblies have typical return loss characteristics of better than 20dB at 18GHz.

Ku-flex microwave cable assemblies are available terminated with gold plated SMA connectors or tri-alloy plated N Type connectors, both of which are held ex-stock to reduce manufacturing lead-times. Typically assemblies are available for any length requirement within 5-7 days without any minimum order quantities. Customers can also discuss alternative variations with the Gigatronix technical sales team.

The complete range incorporates an integral brass tubing and double heat shrink sleeving to provide a superior and more durable strain relief system that helps to reduce cable damage from bending, twisting or flexing. This extends the life of the assembly whilst also maintaining its performance characteristics.

Each cable assembly is tested and plotted for Insertion Loss and Attenuation, from 40MHz to 18GHz. The resulting plot is then serialized and linked to its appropriate assembly by way of a central identification sleeve. This ensures that each assembly has known, exact performance criteria that can be used for calibration or traceability by the user.

“Ku-Flex offers the performance characteristics and durability expected with semi-rigid cable assemblies whilst also providing the flexibility now commonly required in higher frequency test, instrumentation and microwave communication equipment. Customers now also have the option of constructing and purchasing all of our Ku-flex cable assemblies online using our unique Cabulator™ cable assembly design software at” - commented Bruce Burton, Managing Director at Gigatronix Ltd.

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Contact: Bruce Burton, Gigatronix Ltd, The Enterprise Centre, Portsmouth, PO3 5QT. Tel: +44 (0)23 9265 0703.

About Gigatronix:

Gigatronix is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of R.F coaxial connectors, coaxial cable assemblies and allied products. We service a broad range of global customers in all areas of the communications industry.

Key attributes:

* Over 1500 connector variations ex-stock.

* Shortest lead times in the industry - from raw materials to finished goods.

* No minimum order quantity on standard connectors or coaxial cable assemblies.

* Shortest production runs on custom connector and cable assembly designs.

* Unique Cabulator™ cable configuration and ordering software; interactive; intelligent search listings; prices; drawings and technical data

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