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Anatech Microwave Newsletter - November 2008

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Issue No. 101
November 2008 Greetings ,  

In This Issue
  • Current News

  • Upcoming Events

  • New Product

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  • Did You Know…?

  • Brain Teaser

New Product Line

Our SMT LC Bandpass Filters are a low cost alternative for your bandpass filter needs. They come in a 0.75 in., in length 1 in. and 1.25 in. and a standard width and height of 0.5 by 0.4 in. Many standards are available. For more information, click here.


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Calendarof Events 


  • 11/11 – Veteran’s Day

  • 11/27 Thanksgiving Day

  • 12/24 – Christmas Eve

  • 12/25 – Christmas Day

  • 12/31 – New Year’s Eve

  • 1/1 – New Year’s Day

  • 1/19- Martin Luther King,    Jr.’s Birthday

Upcoming Trade Shows


  • 2/11-2/13 – WEST 2009


  • 6/7-6/12 – IEEE MTT 2009

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Current News
Future Outlook for the RF and Microwave Industry

Discussing general trends in the RF/microwave design industry is tricky business for a couple of reasons. For one, the number of unique technologies that fall under the umbrella of “RF/microwave” is vast, incorporating everything from tiny discrete components to large integrated systems. (Retrieved from

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Global RFID Market to Reach $5.3 B This Year

The worldwide RFID market will exceed $5.3 B in 2008, according to a new forecast from ABI Research. Annual revenue growth will increase over the next five years, accelerating over the mid-term as high-growth, high-volume applications such as supply chain management, ID documents, ticketing and contactless payment drive shipments. (Retrieved from

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Featured Products! 

WIMAX 3575 MHz Ceramic Bandpass filter P/N: AM3575B554

Anatech features small size Ceramic Bandpass filters, used for AM3575B554.JPGWiMax applications in the 3.5 GHz range. AM3575B554 is a 3 pole Ceramic Bandpass filter with a Center frequency (fc) of 3575MHz, Bandwidth of 50MHz, Insertion loss at fc of 2.0dB max and attenuation of 25dB min at fc + 200MHz and 30dBmin at fc – 200MHz, built in a package size of 7 X 8 X 3 (mm) max.










WiMax Cavity Bandpass filter: AB3500B510
 Anatech manufactures wideband and narrow band cavity filters used for WiMax applications. AB3500B510 is a cavity filter with a center frequency Fc of 3500 MHz, 1dB AB3500B510 copy.JPGBandwidth of 200 MHz, Insertion loss of 2dB max and rejection of 35dBc at 3083-3283 MHz. This filter is enclosed in a package size of 56 x 56 x 30 mm. 
Brain Teaser!

A man left home running. He ran a certain distance then turned left, ran the same distance and turned left again, then ran the same distance again and turned left. When he got home there were two masked men waiting for him. Who were those two men? 

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The answer will be in the next issue of our monthly newsletter! You have a whole month to think of the answer! Online Products

Ceramic Bandpass Filters

Cavity Bandpass Filters 

Cavity Duplexers 

Power Dividers

Coaxial Terminators

Saw Filters 

SMT LC Bandpass Filter

Various Bandpass Filters

Directional Couplers

WiMAX Monoblock Filters

Did You Know…?

In his book “V.”, Thomas Pynchon wrote that the diagram for the bandpass filter was the origin of the popular graffiti character Kilroy. “Kilroy Was Here” was a popular expression used during WWII. James J. Kilroy, a shipyard inspector during WWII, claims that he used this phrase to mark the rivets he had checked. Below is a drawing of this graffiti character made to look like the schematic of a bandpass filter.






Upcoming Events 

  WEST 2009 jpg.JPG

We will be exhibiting at the WEST 2009 on February 11-13. The Western Conference and Exposition (West 2009) is the largest event on the West Coast for communications, electronics, intelligence, information systems, imaging, military weapon systems, aviation, shipbuilding, and more. Come see us at Booth # 2349.




White Papers

Say What?  My Cross-talk Problem is at the Component Level? A Filter, You Say?  

The devil is in the details. For system engineers who work for U.S.-based manufacturers of RF and microwave products, thatseems to be the message they are painfullydiscovering.As their products get rushed into the marketplace and put to the test by wireless service providers andconsumers, shortcomings in frequency management come home…           MORE... 


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