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AWR Press Release - September 21, 2009

AWR® Announces Version 2009 of Its AXIEM™ 3D Planar EM Analysis Software

Click to visit the Applied Wave Research websiteEl Segundo, CA — Sept. 21, 2009 — AWR, the innovation leader in high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA), today announced significant performance enhancements to its AXIEM 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis software that greatly increase the software’s speed, accuracy, and capacity. AXIEMs proprietary solver and meshing algorithms have made it possible for the first time to migrate EM analysis from a back-end, post-verification tool to an upfront design diagnostic solution. With nearly linear scaling achieved through its novel method-of-moments (MoM) engine, AXIEM even in its first year of commercial availability, outperforms competing 3D planar solutions that have been on the market for more than a decade.

AWR AXIEM 3D Planar EM Analysis softwareKey enhancements within this second major release of AXIEM include:

New support for 64-bit PC platforms that makes it possible to solve designs with over a 100,000 unknowns far faster than with 32-bit operating systems.

Expanded support for multi-core configurations that further reduces simulation time.

Loss model improvements that deliver more robust data at low frequencies.

Extensive sources/ports and de-embedding options that provide greater flexibility and accuracy: Internal edge, finite difference/gap, and extraction ports; per-port, coupled line, and mutual group de-embedding.

Whether employed as an electromagnetic solver technology accessed from within AWR's Microwave Office® design environment or as a stand-alone point tool, AXIEM offers significant advantages for the EM analysis of planar components such as RF printed circuit boards (PCBs) and modules, low-temperature, co-fired ceramic (LTCC) packages, monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), and RF integrated circuits (RFICs). As AWR expands AXIEM’s performance and features, customers are increasingly relying on AXIEM to solve very complex problems.

Testimonials from companies such as Mimix Broadband and Legrand reveal that when AXIEM is part of the Microwave Office design flow, productivity gains are significant. "We were unable to analyze our entire MMIC structure using any other EM solver and ultimately turned to AWR . The benefits provided by AXIEM open up new vistas in millimeter-wave design for Mimix," said Dr. Simon Mahon of Mimix Broadband. Vincent Grigis of Legrand noted that "AXIEM simulation results proved to be highly accurate when compared to measured results, so we’re excited by its potential to cut our design time, streamline our flow, and positively impact our bottom line."

The pre-release version 2009 of the AXIEM 3D planar EM simulator is available to qualified customers. Additional details can be obtained by:

a. Viewing the “What’s New in AXIEM v2009” PowerPoint slide show at
b. Registering to attend our upcoming “AXIEM Concepts” online training
c. Watching one of the many new videos related to AXIEM v2009 posted on AWR.TV

About AWR
AWR is the innovation leader in high-frequency EDA software that dramatically reduces development time and cost for products employed in wireless, high-speed wired broadband, aerospace and defense, and electro-optical applications. The company’s core technology is unique among high-frequency EDA platforms in that it is inherently open and flexible. AWR continually strengthens its product portfolio with innovative new technologies that enable faster, more streamlined product development, the most recent of which are the ACE™, RFA™, and AXIEM™ tools. The privately-held company has thousands of active users and is headquartered at 1960 East Grand Avenue, Suite 430, El Segundo, Calif. 90245. For more information about AWR and its products, please visit

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Posted 9/21/2009