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Featured Companies
Beginning in February 2003, the "Featured Companies" item is running again. It was halted before due to lack of time (not that I really have any more time now). If you would like to have your company highlighted, please contact me using the "E-Mail" link above, and include contact information, product offering information, and a brief history of your company. There is no charge for the service.

  • August 2004 - SmartLink Radio Networks, Inc, has developed a new generation of interoperability and networking products for the public safety and critical infrastructure markets. The company has been researching and perfecting radio interoperability and networking solutions since 1992. SmartLink has deployed its technology in more than 80 installations worldwide and presents public safety, utility, telecommunications and other customers with a compelling end to end choice for interoperable communications. SmartLink's solution is designed to be flexible, radio-system agnostic, frequency independent and is delivering breakthrough functional value and cost.

  • July 2004 - Anaren, in East Syracuse, NY, has been a longtime supplier of innovative passive products for RF and microwave designs. They were one of the earliest companies in their class to recognize the need to shift resources from defense to commercial manufacturing in the early 1990s, and appears to have done well accordingly. I thought their Xinger PCB crossovers components were slick when introduced. Anaren makes a whole host of passives like couplers, isolators, splitters / combiners, etc. With the resurgence of defense programs in the works now, they are right back on top of the game.

  • June 2004 - RFOpportunities provides a unique service that involves assisting companies transitioning in-country production to more efficient off-shore operations, creating low cost full turn-key opportunities. Albeit a somewhat controversial subject, the reality of 2first century business is the need to cut costs to remain competitive in a global economy. If the inevitable is...well, inevitable, then having the assistance of experienced transition managers can help soften the blow. The folks at RFOpportunities have decades of RF system and component design in the military, commercial and wireless industries.

  • May 2004 - Lockheed Martin Corporation has design and manufacturing facilities all over the U.S. When they're not tipping over satellites (J), they are creating some of the most bleeding-edge technologies in the world. L-Mart has very recently been awarded many huge contracts and must certainly be in the hiring mode. Remember that the vast majority of jobs available for the big defense companies never show up on their websites; most rely heavily on recruiters and word-of-mouth.

  • April 2004 - Xetron Communications Solutions, located in Cincinnati, OH, is a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman. They provide host of unique solutions for military communications, including ruggedized cosite multicouplers, power amplifiers, custom subsystems, and software development. Xetron currently has a few engineering job openings posted on their website.

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