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Sr. RF Test Engineer Wanted by Modelithics

Welcome to the RF Cafe Jobs website, where a mix of engineer, technician, manager, and sales job opportunities are posted on behalf of companies that are actually doing the hiring. If you are responsible for hiring in your company, please contact me AFTER reading the Terms of Use.    NO RECRUITERS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Modelithics header - RF Cafe


Job Title: Senior RF Test Engineer

Description: Modelithics, Inc. is seeking a Senior RF Test Engineer who is experienced with RF testing, RF / microwave lab equipment and lab software as well as having experience with I-V measurements / transistor linear and nonlinear measurements, particularly high-power load pull. Must have the ability to efficiently multi-task in a high paced, rapidly changing environment. Primary duties are to develop, manage assembly and execution of test plans for multiple customer projects. Additional responsibilities include managing the receipt and inventory of customer DUTs and other project related components.

Additional duties may include data analysis and review, generating test data reports, develop/design models of calibration standards, analyze/assess calibration quality as well as support the modeling engineers and engineering team. Additional assistance may include training, supervision and task scheduling for other engineers and engineering assistants.

Required Education: Bachelor's degree and minimum 2+ experience with electronic measurements. Applicants with a Master's degree in these areas will also be considered.

Required Experience/Skills: Design Environment required. Familiarity with typical lab automation software (LabVIEW, Python, Basic MATLAB and/or C++). Microsoft Office and strong documentation abilities. Strong organizational, project management and problem-solving skills with excellent multi-tasking abilities.

Very Helpful Experience/Skills: Experience with RF/microwave EDA software, including Keysight ADS and/or Cadence AWR Design Environment required. Programming proficiency using on or more lab automation software platforms (e.g. Python, BASIC and C++).

We value: Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to multi-task on multiple projects with minimal supervision. Ability to rapidly assess a situation and decide on corrective action response. Good working knowledge of engineering test processes and principles. Integrity, Honesty and Trustworthiness in all things. Modelithics is located in beautiful Tampa Bay, FL and anticipates a competitive salary range that is negotiable, depending on experience and degree level, with benefits that include vacation, health, life, disability, and retirement plans. Note: U.S. Citizenship or permanent residency is a requirement for this position.

Email your Word or PDF resume and salary requirements to careers@modelithics.com


About Modelithics

Modelithics, Inc. is the industry leader specializing in RF, microwave and millimeter-wave measurements and measurement-based modeling of RF and microwave components and semiconductor devices. Our software products include libraries of high-accuracy passive and active component models. Available library models include Microwave Global Models™ for RLC components, non-linear diode models, non-linear and noise models for low, medium, and high power transistors as well as system level component models for functional blocks like filters, attenuators, switches amplifiers and mixers. Modelithics model libraries load conveniently as "model pallets" or design kits within popular Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software tools such as Keysight Technologies' Advanced Design System (ADS), Keysight Technologies' Genesys, NI AWR Design Environment/Microwave Office™, ANSYS® HFSS™, Sonnet® Suites™ and Cadence.

Modelithics also offers a broad array of measurement services , including S-parameters, noise parameters, pulsed IV, high power RF testing, and source/load-pull. We also specialize in extraction of equivalent circuit and black-box models for linear and non-linear devices that can be inserted into the most popular software tools on the market. The mission of Modelithics, Inc. is to provide exceptionally accurate models and measurements. We help accelerate high frequency product design and serve as a value-added partner to device, instrumentation and design software suppliers.

Modelithics, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Dr. Lawrence Dunleavy and Dr. Thomas Weller, who are known world-wide for their expertise in microwave circuit design, characterization, modeling and electromagnetics.





Modelithics, Inc.

3802 Spectrum Blvd.

Suite 130

Tampa, FL 33612

E-mail: careers@modelithics.com

Phone: (813) 866-6335

Web: www.modelithics.com



Posted March 9, 2021

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