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Z-Comm Introduces ZRO2407A1LF S-Band VCO with Low Phase Noise

Hittite's High Resolution IF and RF Digital Attenuators to 6 GHz

Jyebao Announces New Line of VNA Test Cables

EM Research Introduces Broadband RF Signal Generator from 500 to 8000 MHz

Hittite's SPDT T/R Switch is Ideal for High Power Transceivers

Analog Devices Launches Highest Dynamic Range IF Gain Block Amplifiers

Micronetics Introduces ROHS Compliant MW500-1841 VCO

Stealth Microwave Announces 20W, 7.1–7.7 GHz COFDM Power Amplifier

Microphase Features Custom Filter Design

Analog Devices' RMS Power Detector Offers Communications Customers Best-in-Class Power Management Device for 3G and 4G Mobile Terminals

Z-Comm Introduces ZRO2405A1LF S-Band VCO with Low Phase Noise

Fluke 1735 3-Ø Power Logger Now Available at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Radiocrafts Intros 500 mW High Power RF Module at 868 MHz

AWR Analog Office® Version 2009 Enhancements for High-Frequency IC Design

Hittite Extends PLL with Integrated VCO Product Line

AWR's AXIEM 3D Planar EM Solver Enables TriQuint Semiconductor to Solve Entire (MMIC)

Hittite Introduces New DC-700 MHz, 10 kΩ TIA for Laser Sensor Applications

AWR's E-Newsletter 2009 Edition #4

Telemakus Introduces the TES6000-30 USB Controlled RF Switch

3-Ø Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad™ Model 3945 from AEMC® Available from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

AWR’s MWO® Enables Creowave to Design Precision Filters Accurately in a Single Design Cycle

Z-Comm Introduces ZRO1920A1LF L-Band VCO with Low Phase Noise

Narda 4-Way Power Divider Spans 6 to 18 GHz

RFMD Ships Pre-Production GaN-Based CATV Hybrid Amplifiers to Major U.S.-Based CATV Equipment Provider

Z-Comm Introduces the ZRO2300A1LF S-Band VCO with Low Phase Noise

Empower RF Systems Announces Milestone and New CEO

AWR and NXP Offer RF Small-Signal Design Kit for NXP SiGe:C BiCMOS Process

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Picking up the Tab for the Holidays

Shipments of RFMD's Industry-Leading 2G Transmit Module Surpass 25M, Expected to Exceed 100M Units in CY 2010

AWR and AMPSA (Pty) Ltd. Partner to Bring Multimatch Amplifier Design Technology to Microwave Office®

Z-Comm Introduces an L-Band VCO with Low Phase Noise

Fluke 435 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer Available Now from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Innovative Power Products Announces New 1.0-4.2 GHz Hybrid Coupler

Micronetics Introduces Hermetically Sealed VCO for Military Apps

Reactel Introduces 200W Terminated Diplexer

Another Breakthrough from Antenna Factor - Compact Antenna Now Available with SMA Connector

Stealth Microwave Intros a GaAsFET Amplifier Designed for COFDM Video Transmission in Military Bands

IEC 61000-4-2:2008 Compliant Testing Devices Available at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Micronetics Introduces ROHS Compliant 2570-2655MHz VCO

RFMD Selected by Leading Smartphone Manufacturer to Supply High Performance Cellular Switch

GreenPeak Technologies Obtains ZigBee RF4CE Certification

Cobham Antenna Systems Introduces Antennas for Unmanned Systems

Z-Comm Introduces an L-Band VCO with Low Phase Noise

Empower RF Systems Announces 3-6 GHz, 50 Watt Rugged Amplifier System

EF Johnson Receives Multi-Year State-Wide Contract and $6.1M Order for Mobile Radios from State Police Force

RFMD Receives First GaN Product Purchase Order From Tier-One Wireless Base Station Manufacturer

Narda Unveils DQPSK Modulator Driver for 40 and 100 Gb/s Lightwave Systems

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Offers New Tektronix TDS3052C Digital Phosphor O-Scope

Silicon Frontline Announces Success of Post-Layout Verification Products for Power Device, Nanometer & A/MS Design

Empower RF Systems Intros a 20-1000 MHz, 125 Watt, Rugged Solid State PA Module

Reactel Introduces VHF LC Triplexer

Wavelength Electronics Releases a New Web Site

RFMD Announces Major Gallium Nitride (GaN) Milestones

Azimuth Systems Introduces Enhanced 802.11a/b/g/n Client Performance Test Suite

Planar Monolithics Industries November 2009 Newsletter

International Business Award Final for MILMEGA

Z-Comm Introduces L-Band VCO with Low Phase Noise

Reactel Introduces Bandpass Filter for the Iridium Band

AWR Design Environment 2009 Released!

Dow-Key Microwave Announces New Generation of Lightweight Waveguide Switches

Microphase Introduces High Power Dual Directional Coupler

Z-Comm Introduces the CRO1920C-LF L-Band Synthesizer

Electro-Photonics Introduces High Frequency Spiral Inductors on Quartz

Telemakus Introduces the TES3000-60 USB Controlled RF Switch

RFMD Introduces Portfolio of Ultra-Linear Push-Pull Amplifiers for Multiple CATV Infrastructure Applications

MegaPhase ZNTM Bayonet Connectors Equivalent to Type N through 15 GHz

Telemakus Introduces the TEA4000-7, Lab-Quality, USB 7 Bit Digital Attenuator

RFMD Introduces RFFC0085 Frequency Converter IC

Linx Technologies, Inc. and World Micro, Inc. Announce Worldwide Distribution Agreement

Orbel Expands Board Level Shielding Offering

Narda Coaxial Terminations Handle Up to 10 kW Peak RF Power

Haefely PEFT 4010 Burst Test System for Rental from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Innowireless Integrates Azimuth Systems ACE™ MX MIMO Channel Emulator into Wave 2 Mobile WiMAX Pre-RCT Test System

RFMD Releases Industry's First "Green" GaN CATV Amplifier Module Portfolio

Analog Devices Expands Low-Power Data Converter Portfolio with 26 High-Speed ADCs

AWR Reports Record Financial Performance for First Half of FY2010 Despite Uncertain Economy

Z-Comm Introduces the V350ME24-LF Low Phase Noise UHF VCO

Micronetics Announces a 5020-5145 MHz RoHS Compliant CRO

Stealth Microwave Intros 1.7-2.7 GHz WiMAX FDD/TDD Amplifier Module

ZTE Selects RFMD to Support High Volume S305 Handset

R&S FSL Multipurpose Spectrum Analyzer Available at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

PMI Introduces an Ultra-Fast, High Power, Solid-State, SPDT Switch

Z-Comm Introduces the CLV0625B-LF UHF VCO

New IPP 4-Way Combiner/Divider Covers 400-1000 MHz

Amplifier Technology Asks, "Who Says You Can't Have it All?"

RFMD Secures Multiple Design Wins for GPS LNA Module

Skyworks Powers LG’s Next Generation of Multimedia Handsets

AWR Visual System Simulator™ Software Version 2009 Features Standards-Based Signals and New Component Models

Z-Comm Introduces the SFS2200C-LF, S-Band Fixed Frequency Synthesizer

Anatech is Exhibiting at AOC International Symposium and Convention, October 18-21. Come visit us at Booth 1416!

Planar Monolithics Industries Monthly Newsletter - October 2009

How2Power Today Delivers the Latest Design Solutions and Products for Power Conversion

everything RF Coverage of the European Microwave Week Show

Highland Technology Announces the Model P730 High-Speed, Multipurpose Digital Fanout Buffer

Narda Standard Gain Horns Cover up to 40 GHz in Bands

EM Research Introduces Low Frequency Synthesizer for Telemetry Applications

RFMD Announces Launch of New Online Store

Z-Comm Introduces the V600ME14-LF VCO Featuring Wide Frequency Coverage

EF Johnson Receives Orders Totaling $1.7M from a State Transportation Department

AWR and WIN Semiconductors Announce Process Design Kit for H2W PH50-00 GaAs Foundry Process

MILMEGA Announces New USA Distributor

Keithley's New RF Vector Signal Generator Provides Industry's Best Combination of High Throughput and Low Phase Noise

RFMD's Gallium Nitride (GaN) Process Technology Demonstrates Industry-Leading Reliability Performance

EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. Receives $11 Million Task Order Against Prior $48 Million Contract from the Department of Defense Company to Provide Integrated Surveillance and Energy Management Solution

M/A-COM Introduces New Family of Circulators & Isolators for L- and S-Band Radar & Avionics Applications

Radiocrafts Launches World’s First OMS Compliant Wireless M-Bus RF Module for Smart Meters

Data Converter Enables World’s Multi-Standard, Multi-Carrier Communications Systems

ACS Announces Release of LINC2 Filter Pro v1.18

Z-Comm Introduces S-Band VCO with Ultra Low Phase Noise Performance

Agilent Technologies' Genesys Software Speeds Sennheiser's High-End Audio Receiver Development

EF Johnson Technologies Receives $1.1M Order from U.S. Dof D in Support of Wireless Reach-Back Solution

AWR® Launches Free Online Training

Narda Model 752 Precision Fixed Attenuators Have Minimal Deviation

IPP Introduces New 90° SMD Hybrid Coupler & 20 dB Directional Coupler

KR Electronics Introduces 70 MHz Group Delay Equalized Bandpass Filter

Compact Anatech Ceramic Duplexer Serves 1900 MHz Wireless Base Stations

Littelfuse Picks University Research Park Site for New Tech Center

AWR® Announces Version 2009 of Its AXIEM™ 3D Planar EM Analysis Software

Radiocrafts Launches New Low Cost High Power RF Module for the 868 MHz ISM Band

Analog Devices Delivers Breakthrough Radio Frequency Circuits for 4G Cellular Base Stations

Z-Comm Announces CRO3012A-LF Ultra Low Phase Noise VCO

Anite and Azimuth Systems Collaborate on Wireless Testing for 3G Cellular

Cross RF Announces Broadband RF Amplifiers up to 200 W

EF Johnson Technologies Gets $1.2M Order from DoD Company to Provide Project 25 Radios

Cycleo Unveils Its First Innovative Semiconductor IP Bringing Unprecedented Range to Wireless Data Transmission

KR Electronics Introduces 7.5 MHz Lowpass Filter P/N 2832-SMA

PureWave Networks Selects Azimuth Systems’ ACE™ MX for Testing of its Base Station

Skyworks Secures Multiple EDGE and Next-Gen WCDMA Smart Phone Wins at Samsung

EF Johnson Technologies Receives $8.6M Contract from DoD

Z-Comm Introduces Wideband VCO with Excellent Phase Noise Performance

MILMEGA Announces New Amplifier Range

KR Electronics Introduces 440 MHz Elliptic Lowpass Filter P/N 2927

Planar Monolithics Industries Monthly Newsletter - September 2009

Anatech Introduces Cavity Bandpass Filter for Outdoor WiFi Installations

Symmetricom Announces All-Digital, Extended-Range Phase Noise and Allan Deviation Test Set

Z-Comm Introduces the V950ME22-LF Ultra Low Phase Noise VCO

IPP Introduces New Broadband, High Power, 90° SMD Hybrid Coupler in Small Package

KR Electronics Introduces 1790 MHz Bandpass Filter P/N 2916

Z-Comm Introduces the CRO3562A-LF S-Band VCO

Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ06B Signal Generator, 300 kHz - 6.4 GHz, Available from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

ADI Precision JFET-Input Op Amp Achieves Industry’s Lowest Offset and Drift Over Extended Industrial Temp Range

KR Electronics Introduces 140 MHz Elliptic Bandpass Filter P/N 2903

Z-Comm Introduces the V940ME27-LF Ultra Low Phase Noise VCO

RFMD® Announces 4G LTE Engagements with Leading Handset Manufacturers and Baseband Providers

Narda Releases New Short-Form Catalog

ADI Announces New Tiny Difference Amps: Small Size, Small Price, Big Performance

EM Research Introduces Miniature PLOs w/Internal Reference

RFHIC Introduces 3-Way & 4-Way Active Divider for Digital TV and Set-Top-Box Applications

AWR® Introduces an Electromagnetic Track and Adds Many New Features to AWR.TV

Cobham Antenna Systems Introduces New Rugged Omni Antenna for LINK-16 Marine and Ground Systems

Z-Comm Introduces Wideband VCO with Excellent Phase Noise and 2nd Harmonics Suppression Performance

ADI Clocking ICs Replace Expensive, High-Frequency VCOs; Improve Jitter

Compact Narda Two-Way Power Divider Handles 100 W from 6 to 18 GHz

LeCroy Introduces WaveLink® 13 to 20 GHz High Bandwidth Differential Solder-In Probes

RFMD® Powers New Samsung 3G Handsets with Ultra-Compact WCDMA/HSDPA Power Amplifiers

Z-Comm Announces ISO 9001:2008 Certification

EF Johnson Technologies Receives $1M Order from  State Department of Corrections

White Paper Describing AWR EXTRACTTM Flow Schematic-Driven EM Analysis

Skyworks Unveils New Varactor Diodes for Mobile Handset DTV Receivers, FM Tuners, Oscillators

Planar Monolithics August 2009 Newsletter Available

Fotofab Enhances Stamping Capabilities

Z-Comm Introduces the ZRO0837H1LF Features Ultra Low Phase Noise VCO

RFMD to Present at Upcoming Investor Conferences

Telemakus, LLC Introduces a True RMS Power Sensor with USB Interface

Coaxial Dynamics Introduces the Model 81021 USB Power Meter

Azimuth Systems Marks the First Half of 2009 with Record Growth and Expansion into the MIMO and Cellular Markets

Narda Coaxial Microwave Termination Covers DC to 18 GHz

RFHIC Introduces High Efficiency Medical Treatment Amplifiers for Hyperthermia Treatment or RF Ablation Applications

Z-Comm Introduces the SFS4500A-LF C-Band Low Phase Noise Synthesizer

Innovative Power Products Introduces New Broadband, High Power, 90° SMD Hybrid Coupler in a Small Package

MMIC Solutions MMIC Solutions Ships World’s Smallest MMW Receiver

RFMD® Delivers Significantly Improved Operating Results and Cash Flow

Coaxial Dynamics Introduces the Model 81041 USB Power Meter

Advanced Test Equipment Rental Announces the Amplifier Research FM7004 Field Monitor

How2Power.com Speeds the Search for Power Supply Design Information

KR Electronics Introduces 10 MHz Bandpass Filter P/N 2796

AWR Announces Version 2009 of Its Microwave Office® Design Software

ACS Announces Release of LINC2 Applications CD - Free

Z-Comm Introduces the SFS2400C-LF 2.4 GHz Fixed Frequency Synthesizer

EM Research Introduces Frequency Multipliers

Micronetics Receives RFID Forklift Sensor System Order in Excess of $750k for Beta Testing with Major Retailer

ATE Announces Exclusive Availability of the PMM 9010 CISPR-Compliant Digital EMC/EMI Receiver 10Hz - 6GHz

MECA Electronics Introduces 5-Watt Attenuator Line

EF Johnson Technologies Introduces 5300 ES UHF and VHF Mobile Radios

Z-Comm Introduces the V350ME52-LF Ultra Low Phase Noise UHF VCO

Winners of MILMEGA's Contest to Win a Trip to IEEE's EMC 2009 Symposium Announced

PMI Announces New Line of RF Coaxial Switches and Switch Matrices

ADI Diff Amp Calculator™ Design Tool Now Available for Download

American Standard Circuits, Inc. Receives 2nd Technology Patent

Advanced Test Equipment Announce Rental Availability of the New AEMC 6472/6474 Ground Resistance Tester

Planar Monolithics July 2009 Newsletter Available

Z-Comm Introduces the SFS6900A-LF Fixed C-Band Frequency Synthesizer

ACS Announces Release of LINC2 v2.72

Linx Technologies and Future Electronics Announce Worldwide Distribution Agreement

Wyoming DoT Chooses EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. for Integrated Voice and Data Radio Implementation

Analog Devices Introduces Ultra-Low-Noise Amplifier Features Selectable Gain and Broad Bandwidth

RFMD® and U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory Announce Collaboration

Z-Comm Announces Newly Designed Website

Empower RF Systems Opens New York Regional Design Center

Agilent Technologies Accelerates STMicroelectronics' 32-Nanometer RF Readiness with Validation of GoldenGate

Heuermann HF-Technik (HHF) Intros Its Rapid Automatic Multi-Port Calibration Box (RapACal)

Comdel Brings Multi Channel Phase Adjustment to RF Applications

RFHIC Introduces High Gain MMIC for FTTx, CATV & Broadcasting Market

Z-Comm Introduces the SMV1205C-LF Ultra Low Phase Noise VCO

RFMD® Introduces Highly Integrated, Multi-Use VCO for Military, Satcom, and Industrial Markets

Linx Technologies Announces MDEV-GPS Master Development System

AMC Announces 8-12 GHz Phase Invariant Digital Programmable Attenuator

Empower RF Systems Adds New VP of Engineering

Comdel Delivers Highest Frequency and Power to Major Korean Solar Company

RFMD® Introduces Family of Multi-Use Distributed Amplifiers for Broadband, High-Frequency Applications

Stealth Microwave Announces New Line of Wideband GaN SSPAs

Comdel Announces the VF3 Triple Synthesizer Module

Z-Comm Introduces the SFS1920A-LF Fixed Frequency L-Band Synthesizer

Linx Technologies Announces Long-Anticipated SG & SR Series of GPS Modules

Empower RF Systems Adds Business and Technology Advisor

Skyworks Launches Industry’s Highest Performance WLAN/WiFi Power Amplifier for HD Video Streaming

API Delevan Introduces High Temperature Power Toroids

Analog Devices First Clock IC to Harness GPS Signals for Synchronization

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Introduces New LTE Circulators and Isolators

869 MHz Transmitter from Radiometrix Can Achieve 5 km Range

Skyworks Unveils 2-Stage Low Noise Amplifiers with High Linearity

RFMD® Expands Its Leading Product Portfolio for Mobile WiFi Market

Cree Speeds Development of High-Performance GaN Doherty Amplifiers by 70% with Help of Microwave Office® Software

Keithley's Model 2820A RF Vector Analyzer Offers Improved Speed and Enhanced Measurement Performance

RFMD® Announces Availability of Gallium Nitride (GaN) Foundry Services

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Introduces New Family of Broadband Surface Mount Switches

Keithley Instruments Intros New Upconverter Supports Transceiver Test, Simplifies Test System Design

RFMD® Expands Family of Packaged Broadband High Frequency Amplifiers

IFI EMC Product and Industry News Update

Analog Devices Introduces Best-in-Class Radio Frequency ICs at IMS2009

Radiocrafts Appoints GLYN As New Distributor for Radio Modules

Enter MILMEGA's Contest to Win a Trip to IEEE's EMC 2009 Symposium

IPP Introduces New Wide Bandwidth 90º Hybrid Coupler in a Small Drop-In Package

Highland Technology Announces Its V420 8-Channel VME Resistance and RTD Simulator

Another Breakthrough from Antenna Factor - the 'Splatch' Antenna for MICS Band

American Standard Circuits, Inc. Receives First Technology Patent

IFI Presents Line of Ruggedized Militarized Amplifiers

Conrad Gagnon Appointed Chief Financial Officer of M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.

EdXact Selects ICON Design Automation as Sales Partner in India

Agilent Technologies Announces Industry's First Complete, Front-to-Back Solution for MMIC, RF Module Design

Skyworks Acquires Axiom Microdevices

Radio-Electronics.Com Announces New Job Search Functionality

GigaLane Newsletter for May 2009
Analog Devices Enables Secure and Robust Transmission of Remote Data for Smart Grids and Home and Building Automation
Z-Comm Introduces the SFS11000Z-LF X-Band Fixed Frequency Synthesizer

EF Johnson Technologies Enhances Award-Winning ES Series Radios with Project 25 Packet Data and Trunking Features Company Adds P25 Packet Data and Over-the-Air-Programming Capabilities

Z-Comm Introduces the CRO2900A-LF Ultra Low Phase Noise VCO

Analog Devices Offers New RF Transceivers Advance Design and Deployment of Small 4G Base Stations

KR Electronics Introduces 875 MHz Elliptic Bandpass Filter P/N 2910

JFW Introduces the 50BR-112 Bench-Top Rotary Attenuator

New Rep Appointments for Stealth Microwave

DHS Approves EF Johnson Technologies's Lab for Testing Emergency Responder Radios

MegaPhase Will Be at IMS 2009, Booth #511

MECA Electronics Introduces Wideband Hybrid Couplers

Azimuth Systems Partners with Rice University’s Wireless Open-Access Research Platform (WARP) Group

TriQuint's Texas 4” GaAs Fab Accredited by DoD as 'Trusted Foundry'

Z-Comm Introduces the CLV0975B-LF UHF VCO

KR Electronics Introduces 140 MHz Elliptic Bandpass Filter P/N 2905

Stealth Microwave Introduces the SM07080-47L, 700-700 MHz SSPA

RFMD® Expands Broadband Transmission Product Portfolio; Enables Enhanced Bandwidth-Driven CATV Services and Advanced Fiber Deep Architectures

RF Transceiver Targets Radio Designers with High Performance and Flexibility

AWR Adds TriQuint Semiconductor Microwave Devices to Microwave Office Software

Z-Comm Introduces the CRO2562A-LF S-Band VCO

Skyworks Launches New Family of Low Noise Amplifiers Featuring pHEMT and SiGe Technologies

KR Electronics Offers 300 MHz, Group Delay Equalized Elliptic Bandpass Filter

RFMD® Selected by Leading Manufacturer of Smartphones to Supply Highly Integrated GPS LNA Module

Agilent Technologies' Advanced Design System EDA Software Has Expanded Role in Skyworks' RF Module Design

GigaLane Will Join 2009 IMS MTT-S in Boston

RFHIC Introduces Low Cost SMD 2-Way-Divider for LTE & WiMAX Market

MegaPhase Optimizes Airborne Cables Lifecycle Management

Z-Comm Introduces the CRO2781A-LF Ultra Low Phase Noise VCO

Anatech Microwave Introduces Four-Way, 800-to-1000 MHz Power Divider

Popular Antennas from Antenna Factors Now Available in 2.4 GHz Versions

KR Electronics Announces a 808 MHz, Bandpass Filter

ADI's Integrated Modulator Reduces Component Count w/Industry-Leading RF Performance for Broadband Satellite Apps

AWR Achieves Record Financial Performance

Innovative Power Products Introduces IPP-2092, High Power 90° Hybrid Coupler

LBA Introduces the Model 3024 Broadcast Power Monitor from Kathrein Group

Z-Comm Introduces the CRO1220A-LF L-Band Synthesizer

Averna Acquires U.S. Competitor to Strengthen Test Solutions Offer for Communications OEMs

Linx Technologies and Mouser Electronics Announce Worldwide Distribution Agreement

Cobham Antenna Systems Introduces New Flat Panel Antenna for Telemetry Application

Narda Two-Way Microwave Power Dividers Have High Isolation and Phase and Amplitude Stability

Azimuth SYSTEMS Adds EHS Electronic Systems GmbH as Distributor for Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Z-Comm Introduces the SFS1685A-LF L-Band Fixed Frequency Synthesizer

Anatech Electronics Introduces Notch Filter for TV Broadcast Applications

Kibble to Receive 2009 IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award for Contributions to Fundamental Electrical Metrology

RFMD Expands Portfolio of Integrated Configurable Components to Target Cellular Repeater and WLAN Markets

Advanced Test Equipment Lab Technicians Receive ASQ Certification

Narda Phase Shifters Provide Accuracy of +/-0.5°/GHz

RFMD Continued to Generate Strong Cash Flow in March 2009 Quarter

Z-Comm Introduces the ZRO1560A1-LF L-Band VCO

IFI Presents the SMCC Series of SSPAs, 200-1000 MHz

M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc. Acquired

Torex Semiconductor to Support ONE-NET Open-Source Wireless Control Standard

Highland Technology Introduces the T564 Digital Delay Generator

Comdel Provides Cost Effective Solution for Matching to a Wide Range of Process Loads

Parallax Corp. and Linx Technologies Inc. Announces Collaborative Agreement

RFMD to Supply Highly Integrated Multi-Chip Modules Into Multi-Standard Wireless Base Stations

Repeaters Australia Announces New Tower Mounted Amplifier for CDMA450 Systems

IPP Announces New 20-1000 MHz Connectorized Combiner / Divider

Z-Comm Introduces the PCA1550A-LF L-Band PLL

FREE ADIsimSRD™ Design Studio Simplifies Design of Short-Range Wireless Devices

RFMD Selected to Supply High Performance Cellular Switches to Leading Smartphone Manufacturer

Cobham Rebrands Three Prominent Technology Design, Development and Testing Businesses

Skyworks Introduces New pHEMT GaAs IC SP3T Switch

Anatech Electronics WiFi Cavity Bandpass Filter Provides High Performance in Outdoor Environments

Z-Comm Introduces the V350ME18-LF Features Ultra Low Phase Noise VCO

MECA Electronics Introduces High Attenuation - 615 Series Attenuators

KR Electronics Announces a 550 MHz, Pseudo Elliptic Bandpass Filter

MMIC Solutions Enters Millimetre Wave Communications Market

RFMW Announces Exclusive Distributorship for Sangshin Ceramic Filter Line

Skyworks Unveils Family of Front-End Modules with Breakthrough Power Control Performance for Quad Band Cellular Handsets

Analog Devices 14-Bit Converter Performs Direct Digital Synthesis for RF Signals to 3.6 GHz

Anatech Electronics Launches E-Commerce Web Site

Z-Comm Introduces the SMV4051A-LF C-Band VCO

Read GigaLane's Latest Newsletter

KR Electronics Announces a 70 MHz, Group Delay and Elliptic Bandpass Filter

Spinnaker Microwave Compact Converter/Exciter Delivers Waveforms for EW, ECM Systems

Azimuth Systems’ ACE™ 400WB Channel Emulator Selected By Alvarion®

Z-Comm Introduces the CRO0410A-LF Ultra Low Phase Noise UHF VCO

KR Electronics Announces a 50 MHz, Group Delay and Amplitude Equalized Lowpass Filter

IFI Introduces the SMCC2000 2kW Amplifier, 200-1000 MHz

M/A-COM Technology Introduced New Low-Cost, SPDT Switch in 1x1 mm 6-Lead PDFN Package

Stealth Microwave Introduces the SMTR2327-44 Bi-Directional WiMax PA

GreenPeak Announces RF4CE for Next Generation RF Remote Controls

Agilent Technologies' New System-Level Communications Design Software Speeds Development Cycle

RFHIC Announces New GaAs 1 GHz CATV Hybrid Amplifiers

Analog Devices Sets New Performance Level with New Family of High-Dynamic-Range, Single-Channel Mixers

EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. Receives $5.9M Task Order from DoD Company for Project 25 Compliant Radios

Z-Comm Introduces the CRO3567A-LF S-Band VCO

Advanced Test Equipment Proud to Help Companies Save Some Green

KR Electronics Announces the KR Model 2411 and 2438  Video Filters

ADI Announces Low-Noise, Linear-in-dB, Quad VGA Provides 24-dB Gain Range for Communications, Medical Radiology, and Advanced Video Equipment

RF Micro Devices Receives Award for 'Successful Enterprises/Most Promising Enterprises in China's Semiconductor Market for 2009'

Advanced Design System 2009 Co-Design Capabilities Help Design Partners Share Models, Minimize Rework

AWR's Unique Program Lets Graduate-Level Students Design, Fabricate, and Test MMICs

IFI's RF & Microwave Amplifier Systems for High Pulse Field Level Testing Applications

Z-Comm Introduces the CRO6600Z Ultra Low Phase Noise C-Band VCO

RFMD Announces Availability of 3G Switch Filter Modules

Microphase Presents Their Wide Band Multiplexer Line

RFMD Introduces Family of 2G Dual-Band Transmit Modules for Emerging Market Handsets

Skyworks Introduces the Most Comprehensive Portfolio of LTE Power Amplifiers and Front-End Modules

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Introduces New High Dynamic Range IF Amplifier, 50-1000 MHz

RFMD Releases Family of WCDMA/HSPA+ Power Amplifier Modules for 3G Multi-Band, Multimode Mobile Devices

GigaLane Introduces Phase Stable Microwave Flexible Coaxial Cable Assembly

Anite Launches First-of-Kind WiMAX Performance Tester to Measure Real World Wireless Performance

RFMD Expands Front End Module Portfolio for Mobile Wi-Fi Market

Skyworks Unveils Industry’s Smallest WCDMA Power Amplifiers w/Integrated Directional Couplers

RFMD Announces Industry's First Converged 3G/4G Cellular Front End Platform Capable of Nine-Band Coverage

Z-Comm Introduces the SMV0912A-LF Ultra Low Phase Noise VCO

Skyworks Introduces Low Noise General Purpose Amplifier

AWR Helps Alcatel-Lucent Eliminates File Translation Bottleneck Between (PCB) and High-Frequency Design Tools

RFMD to Showcase Product Portfolio at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Skyworks Supports Samsung's Newest GPRS, EDGE and 3G Handsets

MegaPhase Oasis® Universal Cable & Adapter Kit Used for Microwave and RF Field Repairs in Rugged Environments

IFI Product Highlight S31-100 Series Amp for Radiated Susceptibility EMC Testing Applications

RFMD® Expands High-Performance RF Switch Portfolio

EEM.com Relaunches Its Website with New Content, Features and Functionality

Microphase Introduces Successive Detection DLVA

Z-Comm Introduces the CRO3160B-LF S-Band Synthesizer

Skyworks Reports $0.17 of Non-GAAP EPS on $75M Cash Flow

Differential RF/IF Amplifiers from Analog Devices Set New Distortion and Linearity Standards for Driving High Frequency ADCs

RFMD® Introduces GPS LNA Module with Integrated SAW Filter for GPS-Enabled Mobile Devices

Dow-Key Microwave Announces LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI) Certified Switching Systems

Aethercomm Announces New Facility

MECA Electronics Introduces QMA Attenuators & Loads

GigaLane Announces the PSF-S01 Series End Launch Connectors

Microphase Announces the Appointment of Odyssey 1 as Their Representative in  AZ, CO, NM, UT and WY

Z-Comm Introduces the SFS3263A-LF Fixed Frequency Synthesizer

Skyworks and Ember Reference Design for Industry's First Portfolio of Front-End Modules for ZigBee® Applications Now Available

Azimuth Systems JOINS LSTI to Help Advance LTE Technology

Keithley Releases New 2009 T&M Product Guide

New Design Tools from Analog Devices Reduce Risk; Ease RF Systems Development

Z-Comm Announces SMV0290A-LF - Excellent Phase Noise VCO

C5253-OS Diplexer for MoCATM Applications

IPP's New 4-Way and 2-Way Combiner/Dividers Cover 2.0 – 6.0 GHz

Keithley's Semiconductor Test Software Named One of 2008's Hottest Electronic Products by EDN Magazine

Onwards and Upwards - Radiometrix Lends Hand to U.S. Students

Stealth Microwave Introduces Smallest 10W 802.11 Bi-Directional PA on the Market

Inphi® Corporation Introduces 40G/100G Receiver Reference Platform

Microphase Promotes Mil-Spec Filter Line

RFMD Releases Industry's First Fully Integrated 5.8 GHz Transmitter to Comply with China's Electronic Toll Collection Standard

EF Johnson Technologies Introduces Discover™ GPS Speaker Microphone

edXact Major Contributor in CILOE Cluster Dedicated to HPC and SaaS

Z-Comm Introduces the ZRO0915C2-LF Extremely Low Phase Noise VCO

AWR Acquires Simulation Technology and Applied Research, Inc. (STAAR)

Anritsu Embeds AWR's Microwave Office High-Frequency Design Software into Its Flagship Vector Network Analyzer

Pachira IP to Represent Panavision Imaging for Patent Enforcement

Narda Low-Cost Lithium Niobate Modulator Driver Delivers Superb Performance in 40-Gb/s Lightwave Systems

Microphase Promotes Sister Company Janifast for RF/Microwave Manufacturing Services

Azimuth Systems Expanded Leadership in Wireless Broadband Market in 2008

AWR Introduces AWR TV™, a Comprehensive Multimedia Resource for Technical and Product Information

Z-Comm Introduces the SMV5815A-LF Superior 2nd Harmonic VCO

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Unveils New GPS Module Used in Ford SYNC

Littelfuse Releases New Thermally-Protected MOV (TMOV®)

Anatech Electronics Will be Exhibiting at West 2009 (Booth #2349) in San Diego, CA, February 11-13

Microphase Introduces the C5266  Diplexer for MOCATM  Applications

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Receives $282M Movement Tracking System Order -- Largest Single Order in Company History

Energizer to Unveil a New High Energy Density Zinc Air Battery at CES

Z-Comm Introduces the CRO2450B-LF Ultra Low Phase Noise VCO

National Instruments Reports Preliminary Revenue Estimate of $202 Million for Q4 2008

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