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M/A-COM Technology Solutions Introduces 250 to 3000 MHz Highly Linear RF Driver Amplifier

EM Research Intros Ultra-Miniature SMT Synthesizer for SWaP-C Applications

Wavelength Electronics Introduces Low Noise Quantum Cascade Laser Driver

Z-Communications' CRO2595A-LF S-Band VCO Features Low Phase Noise

Narda High-Speed Switched-Bit 63-dB Attenuator Offers Extremely High Performance from 2 to 6 GHz

New Diode and Switch Product Training Modules Now Available on Skyworksinc.com

Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s Smallest Isolated DC-to-DC Converter

Spectrum Control Completes Acquisition of Sage Laboratories, Inc.

Innovative Power Products: 800-2500 MHz 20 dB Bi-Directional Coupler

Skyworks Enables 4G Smart Phones from HTC

High-Performance RF Power Detector Simultaneously Delivers RMS and Envelope Outputs

Hittite's Wideband GaAs pHEMT MMIC Power Amplifier Covers DC to 40 GHz

Media Alert: AWR Releases 2010 Update 2

Spectrum's New Low Observable Antenna Achieves Exceptional Low Angle Radiation

MILMEGA EMC Newsletter, December 2010

AlphiMAX Inc, Enabling Tree Views in 3D Mode; See If Your Link Goes Through Trees

Comdel's New Arc Detect Fast Shutdown Minimizes Arc Damage

Skyworks Unveils 6 and 7 Bit Digital Attenuators

Instruments for Industry - An EMC Product and Industry News Update (December)

API RF Signal Extender Increases Range to 5 Miles

MegaPhase Cables Enable Successful Conclusion of Seven-year Deep Space Program

EM Research Intros 250 MHz Phase-Locked Crystal Oscillator w/Low Sub-Harmonics

Hittite's Two New GaAs MMIC SP4T Switches to 30 GHz!

Spectrum's New Miniature Hermetic L Circuit Solder-in EMI Filters Improve Insertion Loss

Agilent Technologies to Showcase Custom OFDM Waveform Design at 2010 Wireless Innovation Forum

RFHIC Announces Most Advanced Remote Radio Head (RRH) Solution

Hittite's New 54 dB mmWave Log Detector Spans 1 - 23 GHz

Empower RF Systems Intros Power Amplifier for Complex Digital Waveforms

Spectrum Introduces Radome-Packaged Antennas for Wide Range of Medium to High Gain Applications

AWR Adds Product, Application and Tutorial Videos to Engineering TV

Fractal Antenna Proves Value of Metamaterials

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. Showcases Defense Product Solutions at 2010 DMC

Narda Miniature Fixed 3-dB Attenuator Covers up to 6 GHz

Empower RF Systems Intros 500-2500 MHz, 100 Watt Rugged SSPA Module

MILMEGA Introduces an 80 MHz - 1GHz, 250W Amplifier

Amplifier Technology Announces the 8780 Miniature Broadband Amplifier for 2.5 to 6.0 GHz

API Technologies Releases Compact Fast Tuning (CFT) Synthesizer

Hittite Intros Three New MMIC Phase Shifters Spanning 1.2 to 8 GHz

Spectrum Control Completes Acquisition of Summit Instruments, Inc.

IFI's November 2010 EMC Product and Industry News Update

Skyworks Powers First LTE Mobile Handset

SkyTraq Introduces High Performance 20 Hz -165 dBm GPS Receiver

RFMD Unveils High-Performance 2.3-2.7 GHz Power Amplifier IC for WiFi, WiMAX, LTE and Other Wireless Applications

Hittite's Four New SMT Passive Attenuator Pads For DC to 25 GHz Applications

RF Micro Devices Teams with Freescale to Deliver High-Performance ZigBee Solutions for Smart Energy Applications

Comdel Delivers Varying Output Frequency in New CLB Series

RF Micro Devices Expands Family of GaN Unmatched Power Transistors

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Introduces 50 MHz - 20 GHz HMIC™ Broadband Diode Switches in Surmount™ Packages

Z-Communications' V500ME03-LF, UHF VCO Features Low Phase Noise

Analog Devices’ Radio System-on-Chip Combines Data Conversion, RF and 32-Bit Processing to Enable Power-Efficient Wireless Connectivity

AWR Launches Hebrew Microsite and Schedules Seminar in Tel Aviv to Support Growing Israel Market

RFMD Unveils Portfolio of Broadband 6-Bit Digital Step Attenuators

Z-Communications' CLV1020A-LF, L-Band VCO Features Low Phase Noise

Hittite's New Wideband VCOs Deliver Octave Tuning to 20 GHz!

RF Micro Devices to Showcase Industry-Leading High Performance RF Components at Electronica 2010

Compact Narda 90° Hybrid Coupler Covers 4 to 8 GHz

New LINC 2 Visual System Architect Software Release from ACS

Z-Communications' V585ME12-LF, L-Band VCO Features Low Phase Noise

RFMD Awarded $1.5 Million Navy Contract for GaN RF Power Technology

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. Showcases Extensive Product Solutions at MILCOM 2010

Electro-Photonics Now U.S. Distributor for Allstron

Phase Matrix Introduces New 4.9 GHz Phase-Locked Oscillator

LBA Technology Engineers a Triplexer Solution for Snug Tower Site in Middle of Lake in Taiwan

RF Micro Devices Achieves Record Quarterly Revenue and Record Non-GAAP Diluted EPS

Z-Communications' New CRO3150A-LF Features Low Phase Noise

Azimuth Systems Records Best Quarter in Company History in Q3 2010

Analog Devices Adds New Highly Integrated Demodulator for Broadband Communication Designs to Its RF/Microwave Product Portfolio

RFMD Unveils New Family of Integrated Configurable Components

Hittite's Three New Active Multipliers Generate LO Signals From 6 to 31 GHz!

Skyworks Expands Presence in Asia

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Establishes Partnership with Giga-tronics

Radiometrix Press Release: CTA88 Remote Control Application Boards

RFMD Expands Broadband Product Portfolio for Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) Networks

Analog Devices Introduces Digital Isolator with Integrated Transformer Driver and PWM Controller

RFMD Expands Industry-Leading Portfolio of GaN-Based CATV Components

Antenna Factor's Popular JJB Now Available in High Temperature Package

Skyworks Unveils New Surface Mount Limiter Diode

Heuermann HF-Technik Introduces First Error-Corrected IM Measurement System

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Introduces Packaged Power Amplifier Product Line for Point-to-Point Radio Market

Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s First Fully Isolated Industrial CAN Transceivers

RFMD to Showcase Portfolio of Industry-Leading Wired Broadband Components at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2010

Samsung Selects RFMD to Support GALAXY Tab™ Android™ Tablet

ATER Power Quality Analyzers Meet International Standards and Help Cut Back on Electric Consumption

Skyworks Intros Three New Miniature 0402 Varactor Diodes

AWR Announces “High-Frequency Design Success” Tour in Europe

Z-Communications Introduces the V846ME29-LF Wide Frequency VCO

Hittite's New pHEMT Gain Block/Driver Amplifier Covers DC to 10 GHz

AWR Panel and Exhibitor Participation at IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium (CSICS)

RFMD Announces Additional Expansion of Foundry Services to Include Molecular Beam Epitaxial (MBE) Products and Services

IFI's October 2010 EMC Product and Industry News Update

Skyworks Unveils Highly Integrated Switch Matrix Solutions for Fast Growing Satellite and Cable Television Markets

RFHIC Introduces 8W, TETRA (100~960 MHz) GaN Hybrid Amplifier

AWR Announces Support for NMDG S-Functions in Microwave Office Software

RFMD Expands Foundry Services Offerings to Include Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Technologies Manufactured in Europe

Narda Broadband 10-dB Directional Coupler Covers 225 MHz to 10 GHz

RFMD Expands Product Portfolio Targeting Microwave and Millimeter Wave Applications

AWR Announces Microwave Office Library for Freescale's RF High Power Models

Miniature 0402 Diodes for High Volume Commercial and Industrial OEMs, ODMs and Contract Manufacturers

Analog Devices Announces Industry’s Fastest 16-bit ADC at 250 MSPS

Anatech Electronics Appoints Three Manufacturer's Representatives

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Showcases Complete Product Solutions for P2P Radio, Radar and MILCOM Applications at EuMW

Deutsche Telekom AG Uses Azimuth Systems’ ACE MX Wireless Channel Emulator for LTE, 2G/3G Test

Analog Devices Variable Gain Amplifiers Provide Unprecedented Levels of Performance and Integration at RF and IF Frequencies

Z-Communications, Inc. is Proud to Announce a New Line of Waveguide-to-Coax Adapters and Precision Low Powered Waveguide Termination Products

Rohde & Schwarz Leverages AWR's Microwave Office Software for the Design and Optimization of Key Broadband Amplifier Components

M/A-COM Tech Asia Showcases S-Band and X-Band Core Chip Solutions at European Microwave Week

Anatech Electronics Introduces 800 to 2500 MHz, 6-dB Directional Coupler

New LINC 2 Visual System Architect Software Release from ACS

M/A-COM Tech Asia Launches 8.5 to 11 GHz Highly Integrated Core Chip with Transmit and Receive Modes of Operations

AWR TV Expands with New Channels & Content - IMS 2010, MMIC, What's New in AWR2010, & More

New Narda SP6T Switch Operates from DC to 18 GHz

Radiocrafts Intros RC1180-KNX1 RF Module for Building Automation

Anatech Electronics Introduces Crystal Notch Filter

BC Systems Broadband RF Power Amplifier Serves Defense Applications from 25 to 1000 MHz

Antenna Factor's New Tri-Band Antenna Improves Long Distance Communications

Z-Comm Introduces SFS10000C-LF VCO Featuring Ultra Low Phase Noise

Mimix Asia Changes Name to M/A-COM Tech Asia

AWR Showcases 2010 Release of Microwave Office, AXIEM, and Visual System Simulator (VSS) Software at European Microwave Week

Analog Devices' Current Sense Amplifier Achieves Industry's Highest Accuracy for Industrial and Automotive Applications

Hittite's New 12.5 Gbps Limiting Amplifier with Loss-of-Signal Detection

Agilent Technologies' SystemVue Now Offers Modeling, Scripting Capability Using MATLAB®

Hittite Releases New 13, 28 & 45 Gbps High Speed Logic Products in SMT!

Electro-Photonics LLC Announces the Availability of Ultra-Flexible Low Loss High Frequency Cable Assemblies

Narda Broadband RF Limiters Serve Defense Systems from 1 to 18 GHz

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Pleased to Announce Partnership with Temptronic

AWR Releases Visual System Simulator 2010

EM Research Introduces Exceptionally Low Phase Noise SMT Frequency Synthesizer for Advanced Electronic Warfare (EW) Applications

Instruments for Industry: An EMC Product and Industry News Update

MindTree Selects Azimuth Systems' ACE MX MIMO Channel Emulator for LTE and WiMAX Test

Hittite Releases 13 GHz High Speed Logic in Plastic SMT!

AlphiMAX Introduces Web-Based Point-to-Point Estimator

Updated LINC 2 System Simulation Software from ACS

Antenna Factor Adds 2.45 GHz HW & HWR Series Antennas

Skyworks Awarded 2009 Silver Gateway Supplier of the Year by 2Wire

AWR Introduces "AWR User Forum" to Maximize Feedback

AWR Media Alert: Microwave Office Enables First Pass Design Success for World's Only Pocket-Sized Sports Radar Gun

Innovative Power Products: New 3 dB SMD 90º Hybrid Coupler

Analog Devices' Mixed-Signal Front End ICs Reduce Power and PC Board Space in Wireless Communications Equipment

Over 150,000 MegaPhase Cables Help Allied Forces Defeat IEDs

Z-Communications Introduces the V940ME28-LF C-Band VCO

Narda High-Power Fixed Terminations Handle up to 10 kW Peak

Anatech Electronics SMT Lowpass Filter Serves L-Band Systems

Linwave Technology Announces Opening of New UK-Based High Technology Microwave Manufacturing Centre

Stealth Microwave Introduces the SM2560-44GN, a GaN SSPA with Industry-Leading Efficiency

AWR Media Alert: System Planning White Paper Describes Advantage of an Integrated Tool for Frequency Planning and Budget Analysis

IFI EMC News: Cell Phones & Cancer Risk, Power Conversion Table, Win a Netbook

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Announces Availability of Multiple Amplifiers Meeting Updated MIL-STD-461E/F for Testing up to 200 V/m

Skyworks Supports Samsung’s Newest Femtocell Offering

Analog Devices Collaborates with Altera to Streamline Wireless Infrastructure System Development

RFMD Commences Volume Shipments of Next-Generation WCDMA/HSPA+ Power Amplifiers for Smart Phones and 3G Devices

Orbel Introduces Miniature RF Shields

Z-Comm Introduces CRO2477A-LF S-Band VCO

Hittite's New Distributed Wideband Power Amplifiers Cover DC to 22 GHz

Latest Narda Microwave Catalog Features More than 500 In-Stock Products

Hittite's New Amplifier Modules Deliver Ultra-Low Phase Noise

BC Systems Appoints Manufacturer's Representatives for Upstate New York and Midwestern States

Innovative Power Products: New Product Catalog Available

AWR Releases Microwave Office 2010 Featuring Nonlinear Behavioral Modeling Support

Linx Signs New Distributor

Z-Comm Introduces CLV0850A-LF UHF-Band VCO

Highland Technology Announces New V220 Current Loop/Process Control I/O Module

EM Research Introduces Avionics Frequency Synthesizers and Phase-Locked Oscillators

Microphase Introduces Leadless Surface Mount Cavity Filters

Skyworks Introduces PIN Diodes for Commercial, Industrial and Military Radio Communications Systems

Z-Comm Introduces CR3260A-LF S-Band VCO

RFMD Achieves 29% Year-Over-Year Growth in Revenue and 236% Year-Over-Year Increase in Operating Income

Narda Miniature Variable Attenuator Covers DC to 18 GHz

IFI: An EMC Product and Industry News Update

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Attending the IEEE EMC Society International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility 2010

Analog Devices Claims 46% of Worldwide Conversion Market

RFMD Repurchases and Retires $110M of Convertible Notes

Hittite's Three New 1-Bit Digital Attenuators Cover DC to 10 GHz

Z-Comm Introduces CR2690A-LF S-Band VCO

Hittite Announces a New 10 MHz to 40 GHz Synthesized Signal Generator

Winners of IMS 2010 Power Amplifier Student Design Competition Receive AWR's Microwave Office Software

Orbel Expands Fabric over Foam Gasket Product Line

Skyworks Enables World's First Commercial LTE Device

RFMW Introduces Improved RF and Microwave Breadboarding Circuit Consistency from P1dB

IPP Announces New 3 dB, 90° SMD Hybrid Coupler

KeyTek EMCPro® PLUS in Stock at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Cobham Antenna Systems Introduces 6-Way Mini Multi Sector Antenna for COFDM

RFMD Introduces RF5365 WiFi Front End Module

AWR Announces Users Group Meeting in Germany and Call for Papers

Teseq NSG 3060 Conducted Immunity Tester in Stock at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Antenna Factor's CW Series Extends Connector Options

Redesigned Anatech Electronics Web Sites Speed Specifying and Ordering Filters and Other Products

Z-Comm Introduces CRO5750Z-LF C-Band VCO

AWR to Present EM Technology at IEICE/Japan

RFMD Expands Family of Front End Modules for ZigBee-Based Smart Energy and ISM Applications

Analog Devices Announces Industry’s First Data Converter with Dynamic Power Control

Linx Function Module 2 Now Available

Empower RF Systems Hosts a "Tradeshow Inside a Tradeshow" at MTT-S

Rohde & Schwarz Enters the Oscilloscope Market

Hittite Introduces New Wideband Direct Modulator with Digitally Controlled VGA

Physicists Build Analog Devices' Components into Antarctic ‘Ice’ Telescope Designed to Decode Mysteries of Space

EM Research Product Releases June 2010

Industrial Grade, High Performance Fluke Ti32 Thermal Imager Now In Stock at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Antenna Analysis Now Available in AWR's 2010 Release of Axiem 3D Planar EM Simulation Software

RFMD Introduces RF3482 Single-Chip Integrated Front End Module

TEGAM Acquires Product Lines from PPM Instruments

GigaLane Introduces New BMA Connector Series

Sequans Selects Azimuth Systems ACE MX MIMO Channel Emulator for Testing of LTE and WiMAX Chipsets

Hittite Launches New GaAs MMIC I/Q Downconverter Family!

AWR's IMS 2010 Microapps Now Playing on IEEE TV

Updated System Simulation Software from ACS

Hittite Launches New Broadband Time Delay Product Line

Z-Comm Introduces CRO3000B-LF S-Band VCO

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Announces Tektronix NetTek™ YBA250 BTS Antenna and Transmission Line Analyzer

RFMD Introduces Highly Integrated Amplifier for Mobile PC and Embedded Applications

Anatech Promotes Kevin Strack to Director of National Sales

MILMEGA June 2010 EMC Newsletter

Skyworks Unveils Ultra-Small and High-Performance CMOS Front-End Module

Hittite Releases High Speed 43-45 Gbps Logic Family in SMT!

Articles Demystify Use of GaN Transistors in Power Supply Designs

AWR Connected for Cadence Allegro Streamlines High-Performance PCB Design

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals TEC TALK

Innovative Power Products Announces New 6-8.5 GHz, 90° SMD Hybrid Coupler

Skyworks Unveils Schottky Detector Diode for Handset, WLAN, CATV Satcom, Land Mobile Radio, Infrastructure and Military Applications

RFMD Introduces RF3858 Front End Module for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Other 900 MHz ISM Band Applications

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Announces New Product Availability: Keithley 2015 Total Harmonic Distortion Multimeter

Advanced Control Components Surface-Mount 2-to-6 GHz Limiter Handles 10 W CW

Micronetics Reports $34.9M in Net Sales, an Increase of 15%, for FY2010

Z-Comm Introduces SFS6400A-LF C-Band VCO

Analog Devices' RMS Detector Accurately Measures Large Crest Factor Signals in 3G and 4G Devices

Hittite's Intros Industry’s First Complete Class-A Amplifier Biasing & Monitoring Solution

MECA Electronics Offering Miniature Octave Band Directional Couplers

Mica Microwave Introduces VCO Series

Antennas to Cranfield Aerospace for Boeing X-48B Prototypes – Case Study Update

Z-Comm Introduces PCA1550B-LF 1500 MHz VCO

Empower RF Systems, Inc. Opens a Second Regional Design Center

AWR's MWO with ACE Dramatically Cuts Simulation Times for Multitest

Skyworks Unveils New 0402 PIN Diodes for Multiple Applications

Docea Power Secures $1.5M in VC Funding to Improve Energy Usage of Electronic Devices and Systems

Narda Thumb-Wheel RF Step Attenuator Provides High Precision to 18 GHz

RFMD Introduces Highly Integrated WiFi Front End Module for High-Performance Dual-Band Applications

Air Force Awards Contract to TEGAM for RF Power Meter

Stealth Microwave Announces 2.3–2.5 GHz SWLAN Bi-Directional PA

RFMD Introduces Fully Tested WiMAX Power Amplifier

Highland Technology Announces High-Precision VME Data Acquisition Modules

Z-Comm CLV0986E-LF 1 GHz VCO Features Low Phase Noise

ADI's 5 GHz Differential Amplifier Drives Gigasample ADCs on Just 60 mA of Quiescent Current

Tiny 2.4 GHz Antenna with U.FL Style Connector from Antenna Factor

Skyworks Unveils Next-Generation Ultra Low-Noise Amplifiers

Analog Devices Precision Thermocouple Amplifiers with Integrated Cold Junction Compensation Provide Accurate Temperature Measurement

RFMD Introduces New Product Family of High-Linearity Digitally-Controlled Variable Gain Amplifiers (DVGAs) for Wireless Infrastructure Applications

Phase Matrix Introduces a New 20 GHz QuickSyn™ Frequency Synthesizer

Anritsu BTS Master MT8222A Handheld Base Station Analyzer Now in stock at Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Custom Interconnects Announces the Thinnerposer®

Menta Unveils eFPGA Creator, Industry’s First Development Suite to Create Customizable Programmable Logic Architecture

Skyworks Launches Mid- and High-Power WiFi Power Amplifiers

Z-Comm's SFS3900A-LF Features Low Phase Noise S-Band VCO

RFMD Unveils Portfolio of I/Q Converters for Wireless Backhaul Applications

Linx Acquires Apex Wireless

Analog Devices Clocking ICs Improve Performance in Timing Signal Chain for Communications Infrastructure

Skyworks Wins Technical Support Award from Huawei

RFMD Announces Availability of 2010 Product Selection Guide Featuring Over 150 New Products

Hittite's Non-Reflective Multi-Throw Switch Covers DC to 20 GHz

EM Research Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

RFMD Introduces New Family of Wireless Infrastructure VCOs

RFMD Will Give Live Demos of GaN Technology in Booth #810 at MTT-S

Please Visit Microphase at MTT-S, Booth #511

Analog Devices Introduces New PLL Synthesizer With High Voltage Charge Pump for Microwave Point-to-Point and Private Mobile Radio Applications

Agilent Technologies’ Latest RF/Microwave Design Genesys Software Features Breakthrough X-Parameters™ Technology

XP, Transim, and AWR Launch Online Design Exploration Environment for Small-Signal RF Transistors

NXP's RF Manual Makes Design Work Much Easier – Download Now

Azimuth Systems Azimuth Systems Launches Global Beamforming Seminar Series

RFMD Expands Foundry Services Offerings to Include High Power Integrated Passive Technology href="2010/advanced-test-equipment-5-12-2010.htm" target="_blank">Yokogawa WT230 Digital Power Meter Available for Immediate Rental from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Multi-Function, Small Form Factor Module Designs from Empower RF Systems

RFMD Unveils Complete Front End Module for Handheld WiFi and Bluetooth Systems

Z-Comm Backhaul Radio VCO Exhibits Superior Phase Noise Performance

Agilent Technologies to Showcase Latest RF/Microwave Design and Test Products at 2010 International Microwave Symposium

Narda SP2T Fail-Safe RF Switch Operates From DC to 18 GHz

IFI EMC Product and Industry May 2010 News Update

AWR iFilter™ Software Streamlines Synthesis of Lumped-Element and Distributed Filters

Analog Devices Introduces Low-Power Radio Frequency Prescalers

RFMD Announces Qualification of Second Gallium Nitride (GaN) Process Technology

BC Systems AppBC Systems Appoints Joseph Seminoro Manager of Business Development

AWR Offers Technical Talks and Social Events at IMS 2010 >Hittite's Four New GaAs pHEMT MMIC LNAs for Military and Microwave Radio

Tektronix DPO3054 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Available Now from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

RFHIC Introduces 80 W GaN Power Amplifier for LTE/WCDMA

Z-Comm's SMV3330A-LF S-Band VCO Features Low Phase Noise

Analog Devices Announces 4-A Dual-Channel Gate Driver Integrated with iCoupler Digital Isolation Technology

Agilent Technologies to Showcase LTE Test Solutions at LTE World Summit 2010

Analog Devices Introduces High-Performance Radio Frequency Mixers

RFMD Expands Broadband Transmission Product Portfolio

AWR to Reward Winner of IMS 2010 Student Power Amplifier Competition

Hittite's Non-Reflective Multi-Throw Switch Covers DC to 20 GHz

NuPower™ Multi-Octave Power Amplifier (MOPA) Provides Broadband Amplification in a Compact Size

Z-Comm's CRO3450B-LF S-Band VCO Features Low Phase Noise

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals announces Immediate Rental Availability of the Fluke 1550B MegOhmMeter

Radiometrix Announces 433 MHz Multi-Channel Radio Modem Transmitter & Receiver

RFHIC Expands Its Market Position with E-pHEMT GaAs MMIC

IFI April EMC Product and Industry News Update

RFMD Delivers Sequential Growth in Revenue and Earnings Per Share in March 2010 Quarter

AWR Records 13th Consecutive Year of Revenue Growth

Highland Technology Announces Two New High-Voltage Pulse Drivers

Hittite Launches Industry's First Battery Powered, Portable 20 GHz Synthesized Signal Generator

AWR Announces Users Group Meeting in Japan and Call for Papers

Updated System Simulation Software from ACS

Campaign Challenges Designers in Japan Using Rival 3D EM Simulator to Beat the Speed of AWR's AXIEM

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Announce Availability of the New Narda SRM-3006, 9 kHz - 6 GHz Selective Radiation Meter

Antenna Factor Omnidirectional Antenna Design Increases Range

Narda Calibrated Direct-Read Variable RF Attenuators Deliver High Accuracy

BC Systems Multi-Output, 800-W AC-to-DC Converter Drives Amplifiers in IFF Systems

Z-Comm's SFS2030A-LF S-Band Synthesizer Features Low Phase Noise

Skyworks Introduces Family of PAMs w/Integrated Daisy Chain Coupler

Hittite Launches Two Low Cost, Highly Flexible RMS Power Detectors

RFMD Expands Portfolio of Single-Chip ISM Band Transceivers

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Offers the IFI SMCC-1000 Solid State Amplifier 200 MHz – 1 GHz for Immediate Rental

Electro-Photonics Expands Offering to Include Passive RF Components

GreenPeak Technologies Helps to Roll Out New Green Wireless Network for Home and Office

Z-Comm's SFS1770A-LF L-Band Synthesizer Features Low Phase Noise

ISO Certification for Innovative Power Products (IPP)

RFMD Ranks No. 1 in Global Ranking of Mobile Phone Power Amplifiers and Front End Modules

Analog Devices Delivers Radio Frequency ICs with Breakthrough Integration for Broadband Communications Equipment

Skyworks Introduces 3 New Dual-Band WCDMA Power Amplifier Modules w/Integrated Couplers

EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. Receives $4.5 Million in Orders to Support the Department of Defense Advanced Metering Infrastructure Program

RFHIC Introduces GaAs p-HEMT LNA for S-Band Applications

Cobham Antenna System Develops Antenna for High-Speed Target Acquisition and Tracking System

EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. Secures $1.8 Million Order from U.S. Department of Defense Customer

Stealth Microwave Announces New 4 Watt 340-470 MHz SSPA

ACS Announces Updated LINC2 Pro RF Software

Z-Comm Introduces SFS1980A-LF L-Band Synthesizer with Low Phase Noise

RFMD's PowerSmart™ Power Platforms Awarded Editor's Choice by Embedded Computing Design Magazine

Hittite's New SMT Power Amplifier is Ideal for WiMAX and LTE/4G Applications

Micronetics Introduces the SMN71808 Noise Source

EM Research Intros the SLX-4000 Miniature Broadband Surface-Mount Frequency Synthesizer

BC Systems GaN-Based Military RF Power Amplifier Delivers 100 W from 20 to 305 MHz

Hittite's ½W & 1W PA Die Are Ideal for Military & Microwave Radio Applications

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Offers the Agilent N5182A MXG RF Vector Signal Generator for Immediate Rental

Z-Comm Introduces Fixed Frequency L-Band Synthesizer: SFS1730A-LF

Multi-Function, Small Form Factor Module Designs from Empower RF Systems

KR Electronics Introduces 875 MHz Pseudo-Elliptical Bandpass Filter

RFMD Exceeds 100 Million Units in Shipments of Industry-Leading 2G Transmit Modules

Skyworks Launches Industry’s Widest Frequency Range Integrated Synthesizers for 3G/4G Base Stations

Linx Technologies, Inc. and Embedded Works Corp. Announce Worldwide Distribution Agreement

RFMD Features Ember ZigBee(R) Technology in New Family of High Performance Front End Modules for Smart Energy Applications

Agilent Technologies’ SystemVue Now Links C++ Code Generation, X-parameters for RF-DSP Co-Design

Narda RF Switch Operates to 3 GHz with 2 Million Switching Operations

Advanced Amplifier Systems Control and User Interface from Empower RF Systems

KR Electronics Introduces 10 MHz Elliptical Lowpass Filter

BC Systems RF PA for Defense Applications Delivers 20 W from 25 to 1000 MHz

Skyworks Unveils Family of Fixed Attenuator Pads for Military and Commercial Applications

JFW Introduces the 50P-1857 Solid State Attenuator

Orbel Introduces the Board Shielding Wizard

Z-Comm Introduces Fixed Frequency S-Band Synthesizer: SFS2365A-LF

Connector City and Mouser Electronics Announce Worldwide Distribution Agreement

Only 1 More Week for the MegaPhase “Cash for Cables” Trade-In Program

RFMD Achieves Milestone in Commercialization of High-Performance Photovoltaic Cells

AWR Graduate Gift Initiative Provides Graduating Engineering Students with Tools to Succeed

Harsh Environment Packaging Available from Empower RF Systems

RFHIC Introduces High Efficiency GaN Pallet Amp

Z-Comm Introduces Fixed Frequency L-Band Synthesizer: SFS1720A-LF

KR Electronics Introduces 115 MHz Bandpass Filter

Hittite Launches New Ultra-Compact Tunable Filter Product Line!

Connector City Announces Reverse Polarity MMCX Connector Series

Microphase Introduces New K, Ka Band Bandpass Filter

Narda 20-dB Bidirectional Coaxial Attenuator Operates to 4 GHz

AWR Kicks Off “High-Frequency Design Success” Tour in Asia-Pacific Region

American Standard Circuits, Inc. Achieves ISO9001:2008 Certification

RF Micro Devices Updates Financial Outlook

Analog Devices Introduces High Performance, Radio Frequency Circuit for Short-range Wireless Systems in Industrial, Science and Medical Applications

Z-Comm Introduces Fixed Frequency S-Band Synthesizer: SFS2476A-LF

ACS Announces Update to VSA Simulator

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Offers the Bird SA-6000EX, 25-6000 MHz, Site Analyzer for Immediate Rental

Agilent's ADS Software Selected by Paratek Microwave for Antenna Tuning Module Development

KR Electronics Introduces 70 MHz Bandpass Filter

R.A. Wood Announces 2010 Schedule of Courses in the Field of RF and Microwave Design

AWR Expands Global Presence with Direct Office in Korea

Programmable, High-Frequency, Surface-Mount Synthesizer Designed to Withstand Shock and High Vibration Environments

Narda SP3T Reflective Switch Offers Fast Switching Speed to 18 GHz

Z-Comm Introduces Fixed Frequency L-Band Synthesizer: SFS1609A-LF

Hittite Intros New SMT Double-Balanced Mixer for LTE/4G Infrastructure

KR Electronics Introduces 500 MHz Bandpass Filter

RFMD Anticipates $5 Million in R&D Contracts in Calendar 2010

Hittite's New 2 GHz Low-Noise Programmable Frequency Divider (divide-by-1-to-4)

AWR White Paper Explains Grounding Concepts in EM Simulators

Z-Comm Introduces ZRO2460B1LF S-Band VCO with Low Phase Noise

RFMD Expands Industry-Leading 3G Product Portfolio With TD-SCDMA Power Amplifier

Skyworks Introduces Family of GaAs and SOI Antenna Switch Modules for 2/3/4G Wireless Broadband and Mobile Handset Applications

Colby Instruments Achieves 125 Femtosecond Delay Line Steps

KR Electronics Introduces 300 MHz Group Delay Equalized Elliptic LPF

RFHIC's Molded Styled Power Amplifier (GaN on SiC) Pumps Out 20 W Covering 20 MHz-1000 MHz

Hittite's 1W Power Amplifier Modules for Telecom, Test & Military Applications

Skyworks Supports Customers' LTE Platforms with Family of Power Amplifier and Front-End Modules

MegaPhase Introduces "Cash for Cables" Trade-in Program

Agilent's New LTE Applications Target 4G System-Level Designers

Cobham Antenna Systems & Swedish Space Corporation Case Study

RFMD Expands Family of Transmit Modules for 3G Entry Phones

RFMD Introduces First Silicon Switches for 3G Smartphones and Other High Performance Applications

RFMD Commences Volume Production of WCDMA/HSPA+ Power Amplifiers for Smartphones and 3G Devices

Agilent Technologies and Silicon Hive to Demonstrate Programmable Digital Radio-Frequency Processing at 2010 Mobile World Congress

AWR Application Note: Benefits of Integrating "Hardware in the Loop" for Communications System Design

Microwave Update 2010 Comes to Southern California

Artech House Announces Discrete Oscillator Design: Linear, Nonlinear, Transient, and Noise Domains

Hittite's New January 2010 Selection Guide Released

New Narda Isolator Covers 11 to 18 GHz

Azimuth Systems Launches New Field-to-Lab Solution with the ACE MX MIMO Channel Emulator

AWR Launches New Blog to Discuss Industry Issues

Agilent's Collaboration with CMC Microsystems Provides EDA Tools to Universities and Colleges Across Canada

RFMD and Nujira Partner to Create the World's Most Efficient Broadband Power Amplifier

Micronetics Introduces Our ROHS Compliant MW500-1840 VCO

Z-Comm Introduces SFS6520A-LF C-Band VCO with Low Phase Noise

Hittite's New SMT Mixer Targets 7 to 43 GHz Up/Downconversion Applications

Stealth Microwave Announces 50 W, 2.2-2.4 GHz Bi-Directional SWLAN PA

Narda 10-dB Microwave Coaxial Coupler Has Flat Frequency Response and Meets Military Requirements

Agilent AnnouncesAgilent Announces NXP Semiconductors' Design Kit for RF Small Signal Products in ADS

New System Simulation Software from ACS href="2010/Anatech-1-27-2010.htm" target="_top">Anatech 1850-1910/1930-1990 MHz Ceramic Bandpass Duplexer Serves Wireless Applications

RFMD Delivers Third Consecutive Quarter of Sequential Growth in Gross Margin, Operating Margin and Earnings Per Share

AWR Design Environment (AWRDE™) Version 9.01 Delivers Key New Features to Enhance Productivity

Z-Comm Introduces CRO2660B-LF S-Band VCO with Low Phase Noise

Hittite's New SMT I/Q Upconverters & Sub-Harmonic Mixer Cover 17.7 to 34 GHz

Microphase Introduces C, Ku Band Diplexer

Narda Introduces 18 GHz SP5T PIN Diode Switch

Hittite's New Power Conditioning Product Line Introduced!

Hittite’s New Comparator Product Line Targets Medical, Industrial & ATE Applications

Agilent Technologies' SystemVue Selected by Yamagata University for OFDM for Optical Fiber Communications Research

Z-Comm Introduces V624ME05-LF S-Band VCO with Low Phase Noise

Fluke DTX-1800 Digital Cable Analyzer Available for Immediate Rental from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

RadiocrAFTS Intros 100 mW High Performance RF Module at 2.45 MHz

Linx Technologies - Durable Skin Protects OEM Transmitters

Azimuth Systems Achieves Record Growth in 2009 in Wireless Channel Emulator Market

PedaSoft Webinar and Newsletter: EM-Supreme Version 2010

Averna Enhances Global GPS Testing Tool with Tele Atlas Digital Maps

Agilent E4416A Peak and Average Power Meter Available from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Analog Devices' Intros PLL Synthesizer for Automotive, Aerospace, and Communications Radar Systems

Analog Devices' Intros PLL Synthesizer for Automotive, Aerospace, and Communications Radar Systems


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