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SigaTek Intros New Additions: 50 Ω Loads, RF Coaxial Connectors, Adapters

Raytheon Awarded Airborne Radar Contracts at Year's End Worth $320M

Skyworks Launches Discrete SOI Switches for Wireless Networking

Richardson RFPD and RECOM Power Team-Up for Global Distribution

Anatech Electronics December Newsletter

RFMD Intros RF5605 and RFFM420x High Power Front End Modules

Doodle Labs Announces COFDM Wireless Broadband for the VHF Military Bands

DeLorme inReach™ Selected by Men's Journal for 2011 Gear of the Year Honors

RFMD Intros RF1293 and RF1293A Switch Filter Modules with 5 Linear 3G/4G Paths

Agilent Technologies Announces Shipment of 3-D EM Simulation Platform, Further Enhancing RF Simulation Speed

Skyworks Unveils High Power, High Linearity Series PIN Diode

Z-Communications Announces New Website Design

Anatech Duplexer/LNA Combines Key Functions

Dow-Key Microwave, RF/Microwave Switch Experts Release All New Matrix Platform

Hittite's New MMIC Band Pass Filter Chip Tunes from 19 to 38 GHz

AWR White Paper Describes Benefits of Co-Simulation Between High-Frequency and Thermal Analysis Tools in MMIC Design

RFMD Powers New Smartphones with Industry-Leading 3G/4G Products

Hyundai Motors Selects Averna's RF Record and Playback System to Test Receiver Performance Globally

Q-Par Angus Announces Ultra-Wideband 0.8 - 40 GHz Omni-Directional Antenna

RFMD Intros RFFM3482 Single Band Front End Module

Hittite's New PLL Chip Set for Ultimate Spurious & Phase Noise Performance

TriQuint Releases New Broadband Gain Block Family

New from Amplifier Technology - the 9003 High Power Broadband Pallet Amplifier for 2.5 – 6.0 GHz

X-COM Systems 4CH-VSG2000 Four-Channel Arbitrary Waveform Vector Signal Generator Simplifies Testing of Commercial and Military Multi-Receiver Systems

Agilent Technologies Introduces Signal Processing Libraries for 802.11ac WLAN and 60-GHz 802.11ad

Analog Devices Announces System-Ready D/A Converters Combine Accuracy with Integrated Precision Reference Conditioning Circuitry

Agilent Technologies Signs Acquisition Agreement with Accelicon Technologies, a Leading Provider of Semiconductor Device-Modeling Software

RFMD's GaN CATV Hybrids Win Platinum Awards from Communications Technology Magazine

Analog Devices and Richardson RFPD Sign Worldwide Distributor Agreement to Expand Support for High-Performance RF Systems Designers

Cross RF - Flexible Alternatives to 085 and 141 Coax

Essential Wireless Components from Anatech Electronics

TriQuint November 2011 Product Announcements

AWR Hosts Free Design Workshops at APMC 2011

PMI Announces High Speed, SP8T Absorptive, Solid-State Switch Featuring 110 dB of Isolation from 0.1 to 20.0 GHz

MILMEGA's New 80 to 1000 MHz Range Continues to Impress

RFMD Intros RFSA4013 and RFSA4023 Temperature-Compensating Attenuators

Microchip Integrates Sub-GHz Wireless Transmitter with PIC® MCU for Secure Remote Keyless Entry

Anritsu and AWR Expand AWR Connected™ for Anritsu

EM Research Intros LCO-1500 Phase-Locked Oscillator

R&S Intros CTH Family of Portable FM Radios Testers

AWR's November 2011 E-News

Skyworks Introduces SPDT Switches for High Power Access Points and Routers

RFMD Intros RF1604D SP4T Receive Diversity Switch

RFMD Intros the RF6655 2.4 GHz Front End Module

NuWaves Intros HILNATM™ HF High Intercept Low Noise Amplifier

Anatech Electronics Newsletter - November 2011

DeLorme's inReach™ Receives 2011 Best of What's New Honors from Popular Science

RFMD Intros RFCA8818 Push-Pull Amplifier

Z-Communications Introduces New DRO Series VCOs with Electrical Tuning 8 to 12 GHz

Richardson RFPD Delivers Outstanding High-Linearity Driver Amplifiers for Wireless Infrastructure, Aerospace & Defense

RFMD Expands Broadband Product Portfolio with Market-Leading Differential Amplifiers for CATV Networks

AWR Activities at MWE2011 Include Partner Presentations and Software Demonstrations

High Speed, SP4T Absorptive, Solid-State Switch Featuring 110 dB of Isolation from 0.1 to 20.0 GHz

MegaPhase, In Humble Observation of Veterans Day

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Announces New Products at MILCOM, 2011

Analog Devices Introduces Highly Integrated Octal and Quad ADCs for Demanding Medical Imaging and Communications Applications

RFMD Intros RFPP2870 High Gain GaN CATV Hybrid Amplifier

Analog Devices’ Webcast Presents Solutions for Fitting High Performance RF Signal Chains into Small Spaces

DeLorme Named a CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award Honoree for inReach™

RFMD to Showcase Portfolio of Industry-Leading Wired Broadband Components at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2011

X-COM Systems RF Record and Playback System Provides Error-Free Signal Capture from DC to 6000 MHz – 15 Times Greater Than Nearest Competitor

Anatech’s Wide Array of Filters

AWR Exhibits and Presents “Signal Integrity and Microwave Office” at EDSFair

American Standard Circuits Inc. Announces Thermal Management Materials for EMI Shielded PCBs for RF Circuits

Hittite's New Time-Delay/Phase Shifter Delivers 500° over 8-23 GHz

SigaTek Announces New 90° and 180° Hybrids

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. Showcases New Products for Cable TV and Broadband at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2011

Analog Devices High Performance Signal Processing Featured at MILCOM 2011

RFMD to Showcase Industry-Leading, High Performance RF Components and Foundry Services at MILCOM 2011 in Baltimore


Hittite's New Ceramic Packaged GaAs MMIC SPDT Switch Spans DC to 28 GHz

octoScope's Customers Use octoBox for Wireless Product Production Test, iRobot Among Customers

RFMD Intros the RF6650 Power Management IC

Azimuth Supports Anite’s New Turn-key LTE Performance Test Solution

Doodle Labs Announces Industry First OFDM Broadband Radio Transceivers for the Amateur Radio Bands

RFMD Intros RFHA1000, 50-1000 MHz, 15 W GaN Wideband Power Amplifier

Skyworks Introduces Low Noise and Ultra High Linearity LNA for Tower Mounted Amplifiers, Remote Radio Units, Repeaters and Base Stations

RFMD Announces Appointment of Industry Veteran Hans Schwarz as Corporate Vice President, Business Development

Skyworks Launches GaAs SPDT Switches for WLAN Applications

RFMD Intros RFHA1003 30-512 MHz, 9 W GaN Wideband Power Amplifier

RFMD Intros RF3928 GaN Wideband Pulsed Power Amplifier

Hittite's New Wideband Driver Amplifier Spans DC to 48 GHz

Planar Monolithics (PMI) Announces New Temperature Compensated, Limiting Amplifier for 1.85 to 6.25 GHz

New Duplexers, Couplers, and Power Dividers from Anatech

Analog Devices’ Signal Processing Technology Helps CERN’s LHC Achieve Highest Possible Superconducting Magnet Performance

RFMD Intros RF3826 30 MHz to 2500 MHz, 9 W GaN Wideband Power Amplifier

AWR Exhibits and Presents “Microwave Circuit Compaction” at IME 2011

Hittite's New MMIC Divide-by-3 Sets Bandwidth Benchmark

Cross RF - RF & Microwave Cables Available in 1,000+ Configurations

RFMD Intros RF3928 GaN Wideband Pulsed Power Amplifier

Hittite's New Programmable DCR Solution for Multi-Carrier, Multi-Standard Radios

SigaTek Announces New 1 – 40 GHz Power Dividers

Anatech Electronics Newsletter - October 2011

MILMEGA Supplies 80-1000 MHz, 1kW System to Japan

Sonnet Lite V13 Now Available with Double the Memory from Previous Releases

Rice University Chooses Azimuth Systems ACE MX Channel Emulator

Bliley Introduces the First in Its Olympian Family of 1" x 1" OCXO Oscillators

Narda's Compact 3-dB Hybrid Couplers Serve Defense Applications

Hittite's New Mux & Demux for Broadband Test, ATE, FPGA & DAC Interfacing

Chipworks Posts Teardown Images of Apple iPhone 4S

TriQuint October 2011 Product Announcements

EM Research Intros 100 MHz Connectorized Phase-Locked Crystal Oscillator with Reference-Detect Switch

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Unveils Map and Positioning Engine Module with NAVTEQ

Richardson RFPD Introduces Highly Efficient, 55W GaN RF Power Transistor from TriQuint Semiconductor

Fractal Antenna Systems Discloses Patent for Novel Metamaterial Wireless Antenna

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Announces S-Band Additions to Family of Digital Phase Shifters

Agilent Technologies’ Latest RF Design and 3-D EM Simulation Platforms Enhance Multi-Technology Design, Speed Simulation

octoScope Announces Software for Adding IEEE 802.11n Channel Emulation Logic to Wireless Test Equipment

Analog Devices' New Microwave PLL Synthesizer Eliminates Frequency-Doubling in Broadband, Point-to-Point and Multipoint Wireless Applications

Crystal Device Manufacturer Precision Devices Receives MIL-PRF-55310/21 Certification

Please Visit Anatech Electronics at MILCOM 2011 in Booth 800

Analog Devices’ Quadrature Demodulators Offer Unprecedented Levels of Dynamic Range and Integration

AWR and Antenna Magus Announce Joint Marketing Relationship to Accelerate Antenna Design

RFMD Intros RFHA1020 280W GaN Wideband Pulsed Power Amplifier

New Anatech Filters for 700 MHz and More...

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. Showcases New Products for Networks, Aerospace and Defense, and Multi-Market Applications at EuroMW2011

RFMD Intros RF1602 Broadband SPDT Switch

NuWaves Intros NuPower™ L- & S-Band Solid State Power Amplifier

Hittite Adds Five New Tunable MMIC Filters for Frequencies to 37 GHz

Application Note Demonstrates Benefits of Microwave Office® Software Integration Within Anritsu VectorStar® VNA

Compact, Tamper-Resistant Monopole Now Available from Antenna Factor

Planar Monolithics Intros World's Smallest, Lowest Power Consuming, CW Immune ERDLVA

RF Micro Devices Announces Formation of Compound Semiconductor Group

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Announces New Additions to Family of Voltage Controlled Oscillators

Skyworks Launches Surface Mount Limiter Diodes for Receiver Protection in High Power Applications

Anatech Electronics: Multiband and Bandpass Combiners

Hittite's Widest Bandwidth SMT Digital Attenuators Operate to 33 GHz

Skyworks Captures Leadership Position in Wireless Networking Market

RFMD Intros RFHA1023 225W GaN Wideband Pulsed Power Amplifier

Analog Devices Announces Industry’s Fastest, 1nV/√Hz, Low Power, Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers

Narda High-Power Calibrated Microwave Coupler Delivers Exceptional Accuracy

Doodle Labs Develops Industry First OFDM Broadband Radio Transceivers for the Federal/MilCom

EM Research Intros SBC Series Fast Switching, Multi-Octave Frequency Synthesizer

RFMD Intros RFG1Mxxxxx High-Power GaN Broadband Power Transistors

Hittite's Octal ADCs Enable Significant Power Savings in Medical Ultrasound Systems

everything RF Simplifying the Search for Over 35,000 RF Components and Services on the Internet

Visit Planar Monolithics in Booth 145 at the EuMW 2011 Manchester, UK

Wavelength Electronics Intros Precision USB Laser Diode & Temperature Control

Agilent Technologies to Demonstrate Newest Test Solutions for Microwave, RF, Wireless, Radar at European Microwave Week

Analog Devices’ Compact Multi-Axis MEMS Vibration Monitor Provides Exceptional Low-Noise Performance and Embedded Analysis

SigaTek Announces New 30 kHz – 80 GHz Bias Tee

TEGAM Offers $1000 Credit with HP432 Trade-in Program

Radiocrafts Intros KNX-RF Multi Module for Building Automation

Anatech Electronics Releases "Filters in Wireless Backhaul" Application Profile

Skyworks Launches Switches for Wireless Routers, Printer Modules, High Power Access Points, WLAN CPE and Infrastructure Equipment

Richardson RFPD Announces Design-In Support and Immediate Availability of Breakthrough LDMOS RF Power Transistors for UHF Broadcast

AWR Offer Full Array of Activities at EuMW 2011 Including MicroApps, Partner Presentations and Software Demonstrations

NuWaves Adds New HILNATM™ 3G High Intercept Low Noise Amplifier

Z-Communications Introduces New S-Band VCO

Narda Field Meters Provide Accurate Measurement of RF Radiation Exposure in Industrial Environments

Hittite's Two New High Linearity VGAs are Ideal for Microwave Radio

M/A-COM Technology Solutions to Exhibit New Optoelectronics Products at ECOC 2011

Hittite's New Industry Leading Wideband PLL with Integrated VCO

AWR to Participate in Short Course, EM Panel and Exhibition at the 2011 IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium (CSICS) in Hawaii

Skyworks Launches Miniature Varactor Diodes for VCO, Phase Noise and Voltage Tuned Filter Applications

Anatech Electronics Newsletter - September 2011

New Application Note Released by MILMEGA

Analog Devices' Energy Metering IC Provides High Accuracy Harmonic Analysis for Advanced Power Quality Monitoring

Z-Communications Introduces New 1900 MHz Synthesizer

Analog Devices’ Radio Frequency ICs Reduce Component Count, Board Space in Broadband Communications Applications

LINC2 Version 2.72L Product Update Press Release

Skyworks Launches Diversity Switches for Routers and Access Points

Anatech Electronics Announces New 800 through 900 MHz GSM

Innovative Power Products: 300 Watt, 50 dB Dual Directional Coupler

Agilent Technologies Introduces First Fully Integrated Protocol Viewer for Automated PCI Express® 3.0 Testing

Analog Devices' Fail-Safe iMEMS Gyroscope Provides Unmatched Shock and Vibration Immunity for Automotive Applications

Cobham Technical Services Enhanced Electromagnetic Analysis Software to Accelerate RF and Microwave Design

Hittite's New Three Watt Power Amplifier is Ideal for VSAT and Microwave Radio

Agilent Technologies Introduces Wideband DPD Modeling Platform for LTE-Advanced, 802.11ac

Bliley 100 MHz OCXO with Exceptional Phase Noise Performance

Agilent Technologies Offers New Application Note on Validation of LTE Devices

Anatech Electronics Appoints Dean Handrinos as Director of U. S. Sales

Skyworks Unveils High Gain and High Linearity LNAs for Cellular Infrastructure

Amplifier Technology to Show a New Range of Compact, High Power Broadband Pallet Amplifiers at the DSEi Exhibition in London

Fairview Microwave Has Introduced a Spanish Website to Serve the Hispanic Market

SigaTek Announces New 1-40 GHz Directional Coupler

Planar Monolithics Releases New Digitally Tuned Oscillators Covering 500 MHz to 18.0 GHz

Anatech Electronics Intros High-Performance Duplexers for 450 MHz Public Safety Systems!

EM Research Announces 3200 MHz DRO Replacement Phase-Locked Oscillator

Synthesis & Design of Complex Filters – An AWR Application Note

Hittite's New GaN MMIC Power Amplifier Delivers 10W from 10 MHz to 10 GHz

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Announces 1-Bit Digital Attenuator for CATV Applications

Hittite Announces Twelve Connectorized Module Product Lines, In Stock and Affordable

Anatech Electronics Publishes August 2011 Newsletter

NMIC Introduces Industry’s First Aluminum Diamond Heat Spreader Material for GaN Devices

Richardson RFPD is Now Delivering Maxwell Technologies' Breakthrough Ultracapacitor Solution for UPS Systems

AWR Corporation Press Release - August 2011

Analog Devices' 14-bit A/D Converters Meet Demanding Performance Requirements of Communications, Instrumentation and Test and Measurement Applications

Cross RF Intros 4 Types of SMP Connectors for Cable Builders

Three New Frequency Ranges Join the API Technologies Line of Tunable Filters

Dow-Key Microwave Has Released a White Paper on Low PIM Switch Solutions

everything RF Adds Power Dividers to Its Parametric Search Engine

Richardson RFPD Announces Availability for 3 High Performance Low Noise Amplifiers from M/A-COM Technology Solutions

RFMD to Celebrate 20 Years of RF Product and Technology Leadership by Ringing NASDAQ Opening Bell on August 18, 2011

SkyTraq Introduces Affordable GG12A GLONASS/GPS Receiver

AlphiMAX Inc, Advanced Package Is Now Commercially Available

Skyworks Unveils High-Power, Series PIN Diode for T/R Switch Applications

Analog Devices' RMS-to-DC Converter Ensures Accuracy and Best-in-Class Dynamic Range

Capital Electro-Circuits Receives SO 9001:2008 Certification

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Announces New GaAs Broadband Push-Pull Amplifier for CATV Infrastructure Applications

Empower RF Systems Launches Program with Richardson RFPD

Miniature 0402 Varactor Diodes from Skyworks

Hittite's New High Linearity Digital Attenuator for Infrastructure Applications

Airspan Networks Chooses Azimuth Systems’ ACE MX MIMO Channel Emulator for Testing 4G Broadband Wireless Solutions

Hittite's Analog Phase Shifter Covers One Octave Bandwidth

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Announces New Set of Digital Phase Shifters

Hittite Announces New 0.5 to 18.5 GHz SDLVA Features 67 dB Logging Range & 250V ESD Rating

Hittite Announces Powerful New Synthesized Signal Generator that Sweeps from 10 MHz to 70 GHz!

octoScope Introduces Smartphone Industry’s First Small Form Factor Over-the-Air (OTA) Test Platform

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Holdings Files Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offering

Highland Technology Announces VME 64 SPDT Power Relay Board

Narda SP5T Absorptive Switch Targets 2-18 GHz Defense Systems

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Introduces New 8-Way Splitter for CATV Applications

Amplifier Technology Ltd Announces New Booster Amplifiers at 2.0-2.8 GHz for CoFDM Video and Outside Broadcast

Hittite Announces New Automatic Gain Control Product Line!

RFMD Announces June Quarterly Revenue of $214.2 Million

Anatech Electronics Intros Filters and Products for Multiband Applications (GSM, GSM1800, PCS, UMTS)

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Introduces Two New Front End Integrated Circuits

Electro-Photonics Introduces DC-12 GHz RF/Microwave Test Fixture

Richardson RFPD Announces a High Gain Broadband (2-18 GHz) Low Noise Amplifier from United Monolithic Semiconductors

Narda 6-to-18 GHz SP6T Switch Provides High Reliability in Defense Systems

M/A-COM Technology Solutions and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory Develop a 2011 R&D 100 Winner Selected by R&D Magazine

Anatech Electronics Intros 3 New Filter Models

RFMD Announces Availability of New pHEMT Process Technologies for Foundry Customers

AWR Announces Microwave Office Library for Mitsubishi Electric's Nonlinear RF Models

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Introduces New Analog Control Variable Gain Amplifier

Skyworks' Miniature 0402 Abrupt Varactor Diode for VCO, Phase Noise and Voltage Tuned Filter Applications

Analog Devices Presents Webcast on “Wireless Communication of Sensor Data in Industrial Applications”

Z-Communications Introduces New 1265-1465 MHz VCO

Azimuth Systems Strengthens its Position as the Leading Global Provider of Real World Wireless Test Solutions during the First Half of 2011

MILMEGA Launches New Products at Beijing EMC Exhibition

Electro-Photonics Introduces DC-14 GHz Evaluation Board for SMT Attenuators

Z-Communications Introduces New 830-1300 MHz VCO

Miniature 0402 Varactor Diodes from Skyworks

AWR Gifts Software to Winning Teams of IMS 2011 Power Amplifier Student Design Contest

Planar Monolithics Releases Three New Solid-State Absorptive Switches

Analog Devices’ Technical Webcast ‘Powering Your Circuit’ Focuses on Power Supply Design Considerations

Anite Takes LTE Data Performance to the Next Level

AWR Corporation’s Merger with National Instruments Now Complete

Innovative Power Products: 2700-3500 MHz, 90° SMD Coupler

TriQuint Introduces 10–12 GHz, 2 W Linear Amplifier

Antenna Factor HW Series Antenna Now Available in 1.4 GHz

TestParts.com Adds Alpha-Delta Communications, Inc. Product Line

Wide Band Products from Anatech Electronics!

Neul Raises £8.0M from DFJ Esprit-Led Syndicate to Occupy TV White Space

Antenna Factor Introduces U.FL Connectors for WRT Series Antennas in 868 MHz and 916 MHz

EM Research Announces 2400 MHz DRO Replacement Phase-Locked Oscillator

Narda Power Combiner/Divider Serves 900 MHz Wireless Systems

AWR Design Forum (ADF) Agenda Announced and Registration Opens

Skyworks Unveils Industry’s First Stand-Alone, High-Dynamic Range Power Detectors for 3G and LTE Smart Phones and Datacards

New Product Range for MILMEGA

Richardson RFPD Selected by GORE as Global Distributor for New Rugged PHASEFLEX® Test Cable Assemblies

Anatech's New Cavity Filters for Wireless, WiFi, and Satcom Applications

Microphase Offers Broadband Detector Log Video Amplifier

JFW Industries Introduces New 100 W Surface-Mount Switch

Cross RF Turn-Key Solutions for Custom RF/Microwave Components

AWR Corporation Wins Partial Summary Judgment Against ZTE Corporation

Analog Devices Enhances Company Website to Support Design Engineers

Narda Circulators Cover 2 to 4 and 7 to 12 GHz

MegaPhase Announces Quick-Turn ExpressTM Lead-Times

Z-Communications Offering V804ME02-LF Low Phase Noise VCO

London Fire Brigade Uses Cobham Antenna for Emergency Services System

Neul Launches World’s First Production White Space Radio System

Agilent Technologies Advances X-Parameters* Innovations

New Catalog From Z-Communications, Inc.

Richardson RFPD Selected as Sole Distributor for ATC Ultra-Broadband Inductors

RFMD Announces Qualification of GaN Power Semiconductor Process for 65 Volt Operation

AlphiMAX Inc, Offers Land Cover Data World Wide, Adding Redline Communications

Skyworks Unveils High-Power, Ceramic-Based Filters for Military and Homeland Security Markets

RFMD Expands Product Offerings for Cellular Backhaul Market with Highly Integrated Point-to-Point Radio Chipsets

Agilent Technologies’ Latest 3-D EM Simulation Platform Provides New Solver, Speed Improvements

AWR® and LFoundry Introduce 0.15µm RF CMOS Process Design Kit for Analog Office® RFIC Design Environment

Hittite to Feature 33 New Products at IMS 2011

Analog Devices Integrated 1-Watt, 2-Stage Driver Amplifiers Cover Entire Cellular Frequency Range

Radiocrafts and Kamstrup Announce Interoperability for New Low Power Metering Standard

Averna Launches High Performance and Compact Multi-Channel RF Recorder for Automotive and Navigation Applications

Res-Net Microwave Introduces New Series of Aluminum Nitride (ALN) Chip Attenuators and Terminations

LINC2 Version 2.72K Product Update Press Release

RFMD Expands Portfolio of RF Components to Include Narrowband MMIC VCOs with Integrated Dividers

Microsemi Features Wide Range of RF Power and Subsystems at IMS2011 Conference

RFMD Exceeds Two Million Units in Shipments of Industry-Leading Multi-Chip Modules for 3G Wireless Infrastructure Transceiver Applications

Richardson RFPD to Offer New Products CD at MTT-S 2011

GigaLane Features SMA Type Switch Jack

RFMD Expands Industry-Leading General Product Catalog With Two New Voltage Controlled Attenuators

Microphase Offers Full Wideband Diplexer

RFMD to Showcase Industry-Leading High Performance RF Components at 2011 IEEE International Microwave Symposium

AWR Showcases AWR 2011 Design Suite at IMS2011

Analog Devices' New PLL Synthesizer Facilitates Integration, Flexibility, Performance and Continuous Frequency Range Support

Hittite’s High Speed ADCs Target Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

New RF Design Tools from Analog Devices Simplify RF System Development

RFMD Expands Portfolio of Broadband Components With New IQ Modulators Featuring Integrated Local Oscillators

Bliley Launches New GPS Frequency and Timing Modules: Product Debut Slated for IEEE MTT-S

High-Speed Data Converters and IF Diversity Rx from Analog Devices Maximize Rx Sensitivity and DR for 3G and 4G Cellular Base Stations

700 MHz LTE - PA Modules from Empower RF Systems

Michael Dys Joins M/A-COM Technology Solutions as New Corporate Controller

Wavelength Electronics Introduces Compact Linear Laser Diode Driver to 12.5 A

Space Systems/Loral Announces Early Delivery of Telstar 14R

Skyworks Unveils Family of Broadband Quadrature Modulators for Cellular Infrastructure Market

Anatech Coupler, Divider, and Lowpass Filter - May 2011

Antenna Factor Introduces OC Series High Gain Antennas

Microphase Offers Full Line of Switch Filter / Multiplexer Products

MegaPhase and NorthStar Foundation Raise Awareness and Funds for Wounded Warrior Project & Autism Speaks

Linx Technologies Gets Social

National Instruments to Acquire AWR Corporation, a Leader in RF Design Tools

RFMW and Florida RF Release Low PIM Terminations & 800-3000 MHz SMT Hybrid Coupler

RFMW and NXP Introduce 1200 W LDMOS Transistor

MegaPhase Congratulates U.S. Armed Forces

RF/Microwave Interconnect Solutions

Anatech Couplers, Power Dividers, and Duplexers - May 2011

AWR Offers an Array of Technical and Social Activities at IMS2011

M/A-COM Technology Solutions to Vigorously Defend GigOptix Lawsuit

AWR Announces First Winner of "Stop Waiting and Start Designing" Challenge

MILMEGA Rolls Out Their New 80 MHz to 1GHz Range PAs

Analog Devices Bestows Company’s Highest Technical Honor on Senior Engineers

Analog Devices Makes Technical Advances in RF Technologies and Launches Industry-First Mixers with Wideband Performance for Multi-band Communications

Agilent Technologies Ships Latest IC-CAP Platform for DC and RF Device Characterization and Modeling

IMS2011 Ramps up Conference Competition by Adding Graduate Student Challenge to Schedule

Empower RF Systems Intros New Broadband, 100 W GaN PA

Analog Devices D/A Converter Supports Multi-Carrier Wireless Standards Using Half the PCB Space of Competing Devices

Cross RF (Glass-to-Metal) Hermetically Sealed RF Connectors

RFMW - Aeroflex-Metelics Introduces 100 Watt SP3T Switches

Z-Comm Introduces the SMV3727A-LF VCO @ 3710-3744 MHz

Agilent Technologies’ SystemVue Smashes Validation Barriers for Emerging Wireless Circuit Designs

Narda Two-Way Power Divider Covers 800 to 2500 MHz

AWR Expands Weekly Web Training Classes

Heuermann HF-Technik Launches Vector-PIM-Tester

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Introduces 6-Bit Digital Attenuator with Serial / Parallel Control for 75 Ohm Systems Operating up to 1 GHz

Radiocrafts Intros 169 MHz Wireless M-Bus RF Module

Anatech Couplers, Power Dividers, and Duplexers

Introducing MegaPhase Color Coded Cables and Torque Wrenches

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Acquires Optomai, Inc.

Antenna Factor Offering Expanded Options for Antenna Evaluation Kits

Narda Two-Way Power Divider Covers 800 to 2500 MHz

Anatech Introduces Bandpass Filters for GPS and WiFi

Z-Comm Introduces the CRO2912A-LF Low Phase Noise VCO

MAGUS (PTY), CST and EMSS Announce the Next Major Release of Antenna Magus (v3.0)

PMI Model P16T-0R5G18G-60-T-SFF 1P16T Switch Works to 18 GHz!

Analog Devices' Low-Power, 12-bit, 1.8-V A/D Converter Consumes Only 660 mW at 500 MSPS

Amplifier Technology Intros a Pocket-Sized Broadband Amplifier with a Huge Frequency Range - 20 MHz to 6 GHz

Hittite's New Ultra-Low Noise Tri-Band Frequency PLLs with Integrated VCO

AWR Sponsors MicroApps at European Microwave Week 2011 and Announces Call for Papers

Hittite's Ultra-Compact Tunable Filters Cover 4 to 19 GHz

Zero-Drift Amplifier from Analog Devices Achieves Industry’s Lowest Voltage Noise

Z-Comm Introduces CRO3262B-LF Low Phase Noise VCO

AWR Announces Record Sales and Revenues for Fiscal Year 2011

AlphiMAX Advances LOS Verification with High Res Terrain and Land Cover Data

Narda Miniature Fixed 3-dB Attenuator Covers up to 6 GHz

AWR e-News - April 2011

PMI Announces Model P4T-500M40G-60-T-55-292FF SP4T, 40GHz, Absorptive Solid-State Switch

Legend Investment Enterprises™ Announces Purchase of RF Cafe™ - Debut on NASDAQ™ Planned for Summer 2011

RFMD's Collaborates with Atmel to Deliver High-Performance ZigBee Solutions for Smart Energy Applications

IFI March 2011 EMC Product and Industry News Update

Skyworks Unveils Low Phase Noise Hyperabrupt Varactor Diode

API Technologies to Acquire Spectrum Control

RFMD's PowerSmart™ Wins Compound Semiconductor Industry's Most Innovative Device Award

Z-Comm Introduces CRO2211B-LF Low Phase Noise VCO

RFMW - TriQuint Introduces K-band Amplifier

AWR Launches New Ad Campaign: “Stop Waiting and Start Designing” and a Challenge

Narda Catalog Features Satcom Transceivers, Converters

Alpine Investors Acquires Linx Technologies

SkyTraq Introduces Compact-Sized GLONASS/GPS Receiver

Robert Dennehy Appointed Vice President of Operations for M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc.

Spectrum's Patch Antennas Now Meet Iridium Compliance and Testing Requirements

Hittite Launches New IF/Baseband Processing Product Line!

Skyworks Announces New Miniature 0402 Schottky Diodes for Commercial and Industrial OEMs, ODMs and Contract Manufacturers

Hittite's Wideband LNAs Ideal for Military and Test Instrumentation Applications

Nokia Siemens Networks Uses Azimuth Systems’ Field-to-Lab Solution for LTE Testing

New Anatech Filters, Combiners, Duplexers for LTE, ISM, WiFi and More!

Hittite's New March 2011 Selection Guide Released!

Bliley Expedites Speed-to-Market and Rapid Prototyping with Four-Week Delivery of 100 MHz OCXOs

Reference Circuits from Analog Devices Help Engineers Solve Common and Complex Design Challenges in Analog, RF and Mixed-Signal Systems

API 30-90MHz Digitally Tuned Bandpass Filter Released Today

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Showcases Product Solutions at GOMACTech 2011

AWR Graduate Gift Initiative Provides Graduating Engineering Students with Tools to Succeed

Heuermann HF-Technik Introduces Launch SMA-Calibration Kit, Multiport-AutoCal-Kit, 1.2-40 GHz Antenna

Agilent Technologies’ Latest GoldenGate RFIC Simulation Software Raises the Bar on Performance and Usability

Analog Devices Intros Current-Sense Amplifier Combines Zero Drift and High Bandwidth

Anatech Newsletter - Engineers Speak Out on Defense....and More!

RFMW TriQuint Introduces DIE Ku Band Power Amplifier

Skyworks Ramps Production of Precision Analog ICs Supporting Enterprise Access Points, Cable Set-Top Boxes and Wireless Video Systems

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Announces  New Product Availability of IFI M406 CW RF Amplifier

Azimuth Systems Introduces New Over-the-Air (OTA) Test Solution

RFMD Expands Portfolio of Industry-Leading 5 GHz WiFi FEMs for Handsets, Smartphones and Tablets

Industry’s First Precision High-Temperature Instrumentation Amplifier Unveiled by Analog Devices

When Many Connections are Required, MegaPhase Reduces the Stress

Hittite Launches a Powerful New 10 MHz to 20 GHz Signal Generator

RFMD Achieves Milestone in Commercialization of High-Performance Photovoltaic Cells

Hittite's New 8 GHz Ultra-Low Phase Noise Synthesizer!

Z-Comm Introduces SMV5320A-LF C-Band VCO

Agilent Technologies Introduces Groundbreaking Arbitrary Waveform Generator

RFMW & Skyworks Introduce Select Digital Attenuators

Azimuth Systems Enhances Azimuth Field-to-Lab Solution with Unrivaled Capabilities

Analog Devices' RF Transceiver Enables Secure, Robust and Reliable Transmission of Remote Data for ARIB STD-T96 Systems

Phase Matrix Introduces a 11.6 GHz Phase-Locked Oscillator

EM Research Announces New Website Design

MILMEGA Team Completes IPC Certification

RFMD Celebrates 20 Years of Product and Technology Leadership

Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System 2011 EDA Platform to Debut via YouTube and Webcast

Faraday Picks Silicon Frontline’s F3D for Accurate Post-Layout 3D Extraction of Analog and Digital Converters

AWR Gifts Software to IMS 2011 Power Amplifier and Wideband Balun Student Design Contest Participants and Winners

Analog Devices Introduces Highly Integrated, Low-Power RF Transceiver for Short-Range Wireless Systems in Industrial, Science and Medical Applications

RFMW & EMC Technology Introduces New Wideband Surface Mount Fixed Attenuator

Agilent Technologies' Latest 3-D EM Simulation Platform Provides Faster, More Accurate Modeling of RF, High-Speed Components

Anatech Newsletter - The PIM Predicament, IEEE 802.11as Is Coming!

Skyworks Expands Family of Antenna Switch Modules Supporting Smart Phones, Tablets and Datacards

Educational Webcast Shows Engineers How to Manage RF Interface Connections in Receive and Transmit Paths

RFMD Unveils Portfolio of Cellular Front End Modules for 3G/4G Switch and Signal Conditioning Applications

Samsung Selects RFMD to Power Galaxy Smartphone and Tablet Family

Skyworks Powering Multiple LTE Platforms

PMI Offers Solid-State Attenuators to 40 GHz

RFMD Unveils Power Platform for Entry-Level 3G Handsets

Analog Devices Releases High Performance Integrated RF Demodulator for Next-Generation Communication Systems

RFMD Introduces Power Amplifiers With Breakthrough Peak Efficiency

TestParts.com Adds TNC Coaxial Connectors

Nardalert S3 RF and Microwave Safety Monitor Sets New Standard for Wearable and Fixed-Area Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

RFMD to Present Industry-Leading Products and Technologies at 2011 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Realigns Management Structure to Support Further Industry Leadership

RFMW, Ltd., and Bliley Technologies, Inc., Announce Worldwide Distribution Agreement

Skyworks and Ember Partner to Deliver Next-Generation ZigBee® System Solutions

Analog Devices Educational Webcast to Focus on Basics of Op Amp Operation to Help Engineers Optimize Circuit Performance

New Anatech Bandpass Filters for Wireless -- Including LTE!

AWR Announces iMatch - An Automated Impedance Matching Module

Linx Technologies' Durable Skins Now Available in Black

Antenna Factor's Tiny Antenna Now Available Now in 418 MHz and 433 MHz

Hittite Introduces Three New Power Amplifiers with Output Power to 4 Watts

MegaPhase Announces Improved Return Process

Microphase Features IED Jamming Products

Highland Technology Announces Single-Channel Benchtop Nanowatt Low Noise Optical-to-Electrical Converter

RFMW Announces Distribution Agreement with TriQuint Semiconductor for Europe, Middle East, Africa

Analog Devices’ High-Speed 8-bit A/D Converters Deliver Best-in-Class Power and Noise Performance

Agilent Technologies Introduces Power Integrity Solution to Solve Key Challenge in Designing Power Distribution Networks

SkyTraq Introduces Low-Power High-Performance GLONASS/GPS Receiver

TestParts.com Adds New SMA Coaxial Connectors

Hittite's New VVA and VGA Products are Ideal for High Linearity Applications to 6 GHz

Power.org Published Their Q4 2010 Newsletter

Analog Devices’ SPICE Simulation Tool Upgrade Now Allows Engineers to Design Larger, Complex Circuits and Import Models

EM Research Intros GPS-Disciplined Oscillator Features 1 PPS Input

RFMD Receives First Production Orders for PowerSmart™ Power Platforms

Microphase Features Multiplexer Product Line

Media Alert: AWR Presents ‘Estimating Q of Spirals’ and Exhibits at DesignCon 2011 in Santa Clara, California

RF Micro Devices Announces December 2010 Quarterly Results

TestParts.com Adds Coaxial Dynamics RF Power Measurement Equipment

Media Alert: AWR’s Dr. John Dunn Authors Guest Column for RF GlobalNet on “Electromagnetic Simulation: Tips, Tricks, & Tradeoffs”

MegaPhase to Exhibit at AFCEA WEST 2011

Microphase Features Filters for IDE Jamming Products

Doodle Labs Announces Nexus Prism: OFDM Broadband Radio Platform for Sub-GHz Bands

Anatech Electronics Appoints Gareth Llewellyn as Director of U.S. Sales

Hittite Microwave Corporation Acquires Arctic Silicon Devices, a High Performance Mixed-Signal IC Company

Wavelength Electronics Introduces RHM5K-CH Precision Unipolar Temperature Controller

TestParts.com Adds Pan-Pacific Products to Its Already Extensive Offering of RF Parts

New Anatech Duplexers Cover 800 & 900 MHz Wireless Bands!

Azimuth Closes 2010 with Another Year of Record-Breaking Growth

Anatech Electronics Cavity Bandpass Filter Handles Outdoor 2.4 GHz WiFi Installations

Amplifier Technology Ltd Introduces the 8767 Model, a New 100 Watt Broadband Amplifier for the 0.5 – 2.5 GHz Frequency Range

Microphase Features IDE Jamming Products

Antenna Factor Ceiling Mount Antenna Has Exceptionally Wide Bandwidth Performance

MegaPhase Event Alert - January 2011

HGC Microwave Introduces the KY3840A, 29 to 3840 MHz Frequency Synthesizer Module

Summit Partners Makes Growth Equity Investment in M/A-COM Technology Solutions

New at Anatech: Bandpass Filters for 700 MHz LTE!

Hittite's New Wideband Limited RF Output SDLVAs in Chip & SMT

Analog Devices Extends Education and Training Resources with Webcast Series to Help Engineers Sharpen Fundamental Design Skills

RFMD Achieves 4G Performance Milestone Related to PowerSmart™ Power Platforms

TEGAM Announces New Partnership with Dan-el in Israel

Hittite's New 10 GHz Latched Comparators in Compact, Plastic SMT Packages

Antenna Factor Announces the PN Series of Panel Mount Antennas

Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry’s First Design and Test Solution for 3GPP LTE-Advanced

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Introduces 250 to 4000 MHz Highly Linear RF Driver Amplifier

RFMW Ltd. Commences Operations in Europe

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Announces New Product Availability of the Flir T250 Thermal Camera

Phase Matrix Introduces a 17 GHz Phase-Locked Oscillator

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