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For All You Lexiophiles...

Part Agent™ Website

"Featured Company" Is Back!

Big Business In America: An Insightful Parallel

1-27-2003 Crossword

dBm Engineering

1-24-2003 Divide & Conquer

Quadratic Equation Proof?

1-20-2003 Crossword

MS Patents 1s & 0s

Google Components Group

How CDMA Works

GPS Overview - Univ. of CO

RfTek EMC Consulting

1-14-2003 Crossword

MiCIAN μWave Wizard

Looking For An SUV?

Taxing Facts

HP48 Calculator Programs

RF Design Software Archive

1-5-2003 Crossword

Company Logo Table

12-30-2002 Crossword

Many New Calculators

New: RF Modules Page

12-18-2002 Crossword

Standex Electronics



12-15-2002 Divide & Conquer


New ESD Page On RF Cafe

Test Standard Document List - Military & Commercial


Incredible ESD Story!

12-9-2002 Crossword


Noise Figure Uncertainty

Words Women Use

The Binch (worth a re-run)



ESD Journal

rfdesign Consultancy, U.K.

R.A. Wood Assoc. Software

American Telecommunications Certification Body (ATCB)

Agilent Wall Posters- New

New Game Show?

12-1-2002 Crossword

VNA Error & Cal Models

Chebychev Filter Poles

Bessel Filter Poles

Butterworth Filter Poles

"RF Design" Ad Effectiveness

Steven Wright One-Liners

11-21-2002 Crossword

Engineering Trivia

High Frequency Electronics Magazine

Theory and Practice of Transmission Line Transformers

11-12-2002 Divide & Conquer

New! APLAC 7.80

11-10-2002 Crossword

Transformer Lead Color Code

Standard Inductor Values

Stupid Human Tricks 2


Howard Chui GSM Review

October T-Shirt Winner!

Stupid Human Tricks

11-1-2002 Crossword

Real-Life Math

Carl G. Lodström, EE. SM6MOM & KQ6AX

The Cluen Corporation

Yagi Java Applet

Terrain Analysis Package

Capacitor Values

Download JEDEC Specs

Only in America...

20 GHz PLO

Broadband Synthesizer

10-21-2002 Divide & Conquer

10-21-2002 Crossword

Professional's Exam

Cubicle One-Liners

10-14-2002 Crossword


Telecomm Industry Assn

Pulse Online

Frequency Allocation - US

Sign Up For RF Magazine Subscriptions - Free

Jimfinder - U.K. job site

Funny T-Shirt Sayings

RF Power Exchange

Sphinx Group

10-2-2002 Crossword

RF Dude Consulting

September T-Shirt Winner!

I Won A Free Book From Noble Publishing!

9-30-2002 Divide & Conquer

Antenna Systems & Technology


Useful Guide to Research Phrases

9-26-2002 Crossword

MIL-PRF-39012 (RF Conn.)

PE Exam Study Material

9-19-2002 Crossword

Java Applets by GA Tech

Test Equipment Connection

Smith Chart for Visio 1.02

9-15-2002 Divide & Conquer

MES Conference 9/24-9/25

Recognizing Technical Harassment

Waveguide Filter Designer

Micro-Cap 7

Thermal Analysis

9-9-2002 Crossword

New Investment Terms

Passive Component Models

9-2-2002 Divide & Conquer

Bomar Crystal Company

How True Is This?

August T-Shirt Winner!

Coaxial Lightning Protectors

S.G. McGeary Connectors

8-29-2002 Crossword

Pioneers In Technology Poster

WLAN Access Point U.S. Map

SM Technology Association


ElectroTech Online

CSCE Seminar 9/16-9/20

U.S. Army's New Video Game

8-26-2002 Divide & Conquer


8-21-2002 Crossword

Useful Proofs


8-19-2002 Divide & Conquer

8-8-2002 Crossword

Tap & Drill Chart - Metric

Quotable Quotes

Circuit Sage Website

Radar & EW Books Page

July T-Shirt Winner

8-1-2002 Crossword

VT Computer Users


ITEM Publications

Electronics Data Handbook

Device Nomenclature

Society of Women Engineers

New Top Border (7-28-2002)

7-26-2002 Divide & Conquer

RF Cafe T-Shirt Contest

7-22-2002 Crossword

Stock Market Advice






Java RF Applets

7-15-2002 Crossword

U.S. Microwaves

Forum Posting Archive

July 4th, 2002 Message

7-4-2002 Crossword

Smith Chart for Excel

S-Parameters: parasitics

7-1-2002 Divide & Conquer

Re-Designed Calculators

Time Standard

Time Zone Map

6-25-2002 Crossword

A Universal Perspective


Layout & Simulation SW

Free PCB Layout Software


6-16-2002 Divide & Conquer

6-13-2002 Crossword

6-6-2002 Divide & Conquer

Prison vs. Work

Try eBay for Components


D.O.E. site - nice!

Component Search Sites

Technical Services

5-18-2002 Crossword

5-28-2002 Divide & Conquer

9/11 In the $20 Bill

5-8-2002 Crossword

5-8-2002 Divide & Conquer

Marketing Screw-Ups

Heaviest Element Discovered

Bluespeed Technology

5-1-2002 Crossword

NEW: Publish Your Works!

IC Logo Identifier

4/21/2002 Divide & Conquer

Simulation Techniques

Mil-Spec Documents

mW-to-dBm Conversions

4-23-2002 Crossword

Chip Docs

4/21/2002 Divide & Conquer

Jar of Rocks

RF Cafe Job Posting Board

Driving in the South


Free Engineering Stuff

Big Business in America: An Insightful Parallel

Innovative Power Products Resistors Terminations
Amplifier Solutions Corporation (ASC) - RF Cafe

Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs