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Low Power FM Radio (LPFM)

Test Ideas: Linearize Measurements From Bridge Circuits, by Quintáns-Graña and Marcos-Acevedo

FCC: Interception and Divulgence of Radio Communications

2-28-2010 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

Many Thanks to IFI for Advertising on RF Cafe

A Sea Change in Small Electronics

Hall Effect Measurements

Cesium Atomic Clocks

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Essentials of Expressing Measurement Uncertainty

Satellite-Related Calculators: Look Angle, Antenna Gain, etc.

IEEE.tv - Art of the Start: Entrepreneurship

Thanks Again to Stealth Microwave for Continued Support!

IEEE Tutorial: Towards Real 4G and Cognitive Radios

From Engineer to Manager: Tips You Need to Know

Schmit Prototypes - Plastic Parts - Listing Added

Random Technology Humor

Business Benefits of Web Conferencing

SDP Components Seeking Design Engineers

Understanding [Antenna] Polarization, by Brian Donalson

Understanding Standard Off-Set vs. Inverted [Satellite] Dishes, by Brian Donalson

New T&M World Quiz: How Many Pins on a GPIB Connector? (win $100)

KR Electronics Is Continuing Their Support - Thanks!

AWR White Paper Explains Grounding Concepts in EM Simulators

2-21-2010 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

Colby Instruments Achieves 125 Femtosecond Delay Line Steps

Analyze Phase Noise in a Sampled PLL (Part 2), byPeter Beeson

Free White Paper: Ten Tips for Better Web Meetings

Match the Ports of Differential Devices, by Stephane Wloczysiak

Schematic Reading - Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series

AVX Offers a Variety of Free Software for Capacitor Calculations

Wiring Techniques - Introduction to Electrical Conductors, Wiring Techniques, and Schematic Reading

An Overview of Common Techniques for Power Amplifier Linearization (p.44), by Gary Breed

Make Accurate Sub-1 dB NF Measurements Part 2: The Measurements (p.18), byEric Marsan, Skyworks

Skyworks Supports Customers' LTE Platforms with Family of PA and FEMs

AFS Technologies - Logistics Software - Listing Added

Nevada Microwave & Tower - Installation, Testing, Service - Listing Added

Did You Know This is National Engineers Week?

Feedback Sought for S-Parameter Plotting Software

Wood Density and Heat of Combustion Values 

Thanks to Applied Computational Sciences for Their Support!

CJAM Prison Cellular Communication Denial Solution

Cobham Antenna Systems & Swedish Space Corporation Case Study (cool story)

RFMD Expands Family of Transmit Modules for 3G Entry Phones

Power Amplifier Module for Polar Modulation, by Boris Aleiner

RF Dude Consulting Services Helps to Deliver RF Cafe for Another Year

The Distances Chart: A New Approach to Spurs Calculation, byJosé Luis Flores

Time, Frequency, and Modal Domains Offer Complementary Views, Insight, by Kevin C. Craig

Free Noise with Every ADC, by Dave Van Ess

Thanks to Lou N. for Finding an Error in a Navy Electrical Manual Quiz

Much Appreciation to Spectrum for Its Support

RFMD Introduces First Silicon Switches for 3G Smartphones and Other High Performance Applications

Sherlock Ohms: The Adventure of the EMI Consultant and the Sewage Pit

Vice Over IP: The VoIP Steganography Threat - Very Interesting

EWHBK: Microwave Measurements

Dow-Key Microwave Continues Sponsorship - Thanks!

RFMD Commences Volume Production of WCDMA/HSPA+ PAs for Smartphones and 3G Devices

White Paper: RFID Antenna 13.56MHz Band Simulation Using PedaSoft EM-Core

2-14-2010 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

Artech House Provides Great Books for the Monthly Drawing

Congrats to RF Cafe Forums Contributor  Norm K. for Winning a 22 oz. Stein!

Mayfield Plastics - Custom Enclosures, Radomes - Listing Added

Sherlock Ohms: The Case of the Burning Solenoid

NEETS Ch 4: Introduction to Electrical Conductors, Wiring Techniques, and Schematic Reading

AWR App Note: Benefits of Integrating "Hardware in the Loop" for Comms System Design

DXtreme Software - DX Station Logging - Listing Added

MMIC Design: RF PIN Switch and Power Amplifier Simulation, by PedaSoft

GPS Source - Active & Passive GPS Components - Listing Added

Please Visit JQL in Appreciation of Their Support

Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems Engineering Handbook - Laser Safety

White Paper- 4G Revisited: The Continued Evolution of Wireless Mobility

IEEE - Vice Over IP: The VoIP Steganography Threat

White Paper- 4G Ahead! A New World of Enterprise Mobile Broadband

Please Welcome PedaSoft Back as an Advertiser!

Advanced Radar Analysis: Tools for Measuring Modern Radar Application Note

Sherlock Ohms and the Case of the Reluctant Robot

The RF Cafe Forums Are Open Again (closed temporarily during server switchover)

EWHBK - Microwave Coaxial Connectors

PedaSoft: Antenna and Spiral Inductor Simulation

IFF - Identification Friend or Foe

WSJ Write Asks Whether EEs Are Too Confident in Electronics Components (re Toyota recall)

New Tool Checks IEEE Publications for Plagiarism

Recipients of the 2010 IEEE Medals and Awards

IMS: New Federal Rules on Expert Witnesses

New Narda Isolator Covers 11 to 18 GHz

Please Welcome AWR as a New Banner Advertiser

Jon Titus: 1 Extra Component and 2 Dumb Mistakes

T&M World Challenge: Why are Anechoic Chambers Used for EMI Testing Typically Lined with Cones?

2-7-2010 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

Thanks Much to Fotofab for Supporting RF Cafe

AWR Launches New Blog to Discuss Industry Issues

High Sierra Microwave - VCO & Amplifiers - Listing Added

RFMD and Nujira Partner to Create the World's Most Efficient Broadband PA

Z-Comm Introduces SFS6520A-LF C-Band VCO with Low Phase Noise

IEEE Spectrum: Dream Jobs 2010

Innovative Power Products Has Renewed Their Support - Thanks!

Adaptive Modules - Wireless M2M Products Distributor & Consulting - Listing Added

Innovation and a Jobless Recovery

David B. Won a 15 oz. RF Cafe Coffee Mug - Congrats!

Stealth Microwave Announces 50 W, 2.2-2.4 GHz Bi-Directional SWLAN PA

Andresen & Associates - IP Legal Services - Listing Added

dBm Marketing - RF EMI Manufacturers' Reps - Listing Added

Congrats to Jeff V. for Winning the January 2010 Book Giveaway!

KJ Comtech is Continuing Its Support - Thanks to Them

Time, Frequency, and Modal Domains Offer Complementary Views, Insight, by Kevin C. Craig

Coax Cable Attenuation Calculators

Narda 10-dB Microwave Coaxial Coupler Has Flat Frequency Response and Meets Military Requirements

New System Simulation Software from ACS

Anatech 1850-1910/1930-1990 MHz Ceramic Bandpass Duplexer Serves Wireless Applications

Thanks Again to Anatech for Long-Time Support - Please Visit Their Site

TÜV Product Service - Engineering Services - Listing Added

1-31-2010 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

EMP / Aircraft Dimensions

Receiver Types and Characteristics

General Radar Display Types

Mach Number and Airspeed vs. Altitude Mach Number

Heaton Research, Inc - Neural Network Programming - Listing Added

The 2010 Expert Witness Forecast: Corporate Litigation Surge Ahead

Universal Plastics - Custom Enclosures, Radomes - Listing Added

Amateur Radio Quiz: Blasts from the Past

Sherlock Ohms: The Adventure of the Stinky MOVs

Two-Way Radar Equation (Bistatic)

White Paper: Comparing Research In Motion (RIM) and Microsoft Mobile Solutions

Jamming-to-Signal Ratio (J/S) - Constant Power [Saturated] Jamming

Distributed RF Systems for Antenna Measurements, by Fooshe and Schluper

Technology Solutions Designed with One Goal in Mind - Dell Newsletter

System Performs FM Radio Drive Testing, by Brace, Fortin, and Troemel

Nipping Noise in the Bud - Jon Titus

 Thanks to JFW Industries for Sponsoring RF Cafe

Nice Filter Design Tutorial by Matheonics

Download Matheonics' FAZA Filter Design Software Demo Free

Signal Sorting Methods and Direction Finding

Mixers and Frequency Discriminators - EWHBK

Thanks to Fairview Microwave for Renewing Sponsorship

1-24-2010 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

Gray Matter: Trapping Burning Gasses With a Thin Wire Screen (this guy's articles are always cool)

New Page - Alternate Two-Way Radar Equation

v7 of RF Cafe Calculator Workbook Now Available!

Top Tips for Choosing Mobile Computers

The Top 10 Mobile Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club's (LIMARC) Website - Full of Good Info

NuWaves Is Continuing to Support RF Cafe - Thanks!

Electronic Warfare Handbook: Radar Cross Section (RCS)

A.H.Systems - Antenna & EMC Measurement Components - Listing Update

Emission Control (EMCON) Page Added

Cycleo to Partner with Japan’s leading IP distributor Spinnaker Systems

Magnetic Materials in Transmission Line Transformers (p.64), by Jerry Sevick

Cleanroom.net - Cleanroom Industry News Site - Listing Added

Make Accurate Sub-1 dB NF Measurements (p.16), by Eric Marsan, Skyworks

MJM Manufacturing - Sheet Metal Fabricators - Listing Added

RS-232 Interface Specifications

National Engineers Week (Feb. 14-20) Events Planned

Georgia Tech Continuing Education Course Listings for 2010 (many radar topics)

Richards Patent Law - Patent Legal Services - Listing Added

Check to See If Your Website is Blocked in China

Thanks to Coaxial Dynamics Has Renewed Their Support

IC Design Services, Inc. - Contact Info Changed

Dr. DonZi Delves into Relativistic Effects on Star Abberration

MIL-STD-1553 & 1773 Data Bus Interface

Check Out Electro-Photonics' Online TRL/LRL Calculator

A Compact Planar Monopole Antenna for Ultra-Wideband Operation, by Jung, Lim, & Lee

Thanks Also to RFMD for Helping to Deliver RF Cafe

IEEE-488 Interface Bus (HP-IB/GP-IB)

Automating Radar Measurement Tasks throughout the Lifecycle of a Radar System, by Darren McCarthy

RS-485 Interface Guidelines

RS-422 Balanced Voltage Interface

New Data Buss Specifications Page

1-17-2010 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

New RF Cafe Page: Electro-Optics

Thanks to Orbel for Their Continued Support

Alternating Current (AC) Motors

Tubesworld - Vacuum Tube Supplier - Listing Added

How Do You Treat Test Like a Product?

World Micro - Excess Electronic Inventory Distributor - Listing Added

Finally, the Federal Reserve Provides Some Transparency (more like muddying)

EW & Radar Systems Handbook: Receiver Tests

Report/Prediction: "Batteries for Electric Cars" by BCG

Anybody Know Where to Get These SMA 'Finger Wrenches?"

Looking for 2.4 GHz Embedded Antenna

Please Thank NoiseWave for Their Support

Beware: Recruiters are Screening You on Your Social Network Profiles

Attenuators / Filters / DC Blocks / Attenuators

Terminations / Dummy Loads

Sherlock Ohms: The Adventure of the Stinky MOVs

Google Smartphone Teardown (Skyworks PAM)

 Please Thank Electro-Photonics for Helping to Deliver RF Cafe

Options for Continuing Your Engineering Education (p.52), by Gary Breed

Microstrip Circuits with a Modified Ground Plane (p.38), by Leo Maloratsky

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)/ Reflection Coefficient / Mismatch Loss

Wanted: Andrew Node-C43 RF Cell Enhancer

Alternating Current Generators

Thanks to Amplical for Continuing Support for RF Cafe!

T&M World Instrumentation Challenge: Thermocouples

Printdesigns Limited - Trade Show Booth Supplies - Listing Added

Receiver Sensitivity / Noise

RF Atmospheric Absorption / Ducting

1-10-2010 Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle

Ion Beam Milling - Listing Updated

Wavetrend - RFID Tags & Readers - Listing Added

Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs
Amplifier Solutions Corporation (ASC) - RF Cafe

Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs

withwave microwave devices - RF Cafe