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RF Cafe Monthly Prize Drawings: 2006

Sample Prizes
(see complete list here)

Now there are two ways to win a custom RF Cafe item!

At least one winner will be chosen each month from each category. ‡ Send me an e-mail telling what you purchased and I will enter you once for each item ordered.

Winners will be notified by e-mail, so be sure to give an e-mail where you can be reached. We do not pass on e-mails to anyone for any reason.

- Please note that anyone can enter, but if a winner does not live
   in the U.S. or Canada, shipment will be limited to countries
   serviced by our supplier, Cafe Press.
- Limited to one prize award per six month period. Here are our
  2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 winners.

"TBD" means that the winners have been notified but have not responded. I always send out at least two notices. My guess is a lot get ignored or sent to spam because of wording about having won a prize.

As of December 2008, I have spent more than $2,000 shipping RF Cafe custom prizes to winners of this monthly drawing - and that does not include the book giveaways!

Congratulations to December 2006 Winners
Website Winners

Ed R.

George Hobbs
Santa Maria, CA
15 oz. Coffee Mug
Forum Winners

fred47 (screen name)
Bellevue, WA
Tile Coasters
Congratulations to November 2006 Winners
Website Winner

Scott T.
Maryland, USA
Ordered RF Stencils & Shapes Suite
22 oz. Stein

Lawrence J.
Oregon, USA
Ordered RF Stencils for Visio
Forum Winners

Chen J.
Chengdu City, China

pcb (screen name)
Chengdu City China
Congratulations to October 2006 Winners
Website Winner

Amanda E.
Mississippi, USA
Ordered RF Stencils for Visio

Ian B.
Southampton, UK
Advertiser - Mentorport
Forum Winners

TomCalver (screen name)
Connecticut, USA
15 oz. Large Mug

nagaraju (screen name)
Nanjing, China
Congratulations to September 2006 Winners
Website Winner RF Dudette - here we have Lance's daughter modeling his RF Cafe sweatshirt for us. Lance Lascari
RF Dude Consulting
New York, USA
Hooded Sweatshirt

Mendez A.
Pennsylvania, USA
Ordered RF Cascade Workbook Suite
Forum Winners

Simon Liu (screen name)
Simon L.
Beijing, China

wword (screen name)
Aijuan Z.
Nanjing, China
Congratulations to August 2006 Winners
Website Winner

Tom T.
New Mexico, USA
Ordered RF Stencils for Visio
Baseball Cap

Kenneth P.
Hawaii, USA
Ordered RF Cascade Workbook 2005
Forum Winners

15 oz. RF Cafe Coffee Mug on the set of The Daily BuzzHere is jjuniet's RF Cafe coffee mug sitting on the coffee maker at workjjuniet
(screen name)
Jeff J.
Wisconsin, USA
15 oz. Large Mug
(The Daily Buzz)
Tony Bussan
Illinois, USA
Tile Coaster
Congratulations to July 2006 Winners
Website Winner

Joseph B.
California, USA
Sent a Correction for RF Cafe Page
Forum Winners

Click to view Charl's mug sitting on a pile of PCBs that he will be scavenging for parts. charl (screen name)
8 oz. Small Mug

Kip K.
Florida, USA
8 oz. Small Mug
Congratulations to June 2006 Winners
Website Winner

Sean Anderson, Engineer
Massachusetts, USA
Advertiser - Alliance Test Equipment
Sleeveless T-Shirt
Forum Winner

Langue Rodriguez
Arizona, USA
Congratulations to May 2006 Winners
Website Winner

Robert Preville
North Carolina, USA
Advertiser - Global Test Supply
15 oz. Large Mug

April 2006
Congratulations to the April Winner:
Taku Hodama, Engineer
Aptos, CA

March 2006
Congratulations to the March Winner:
Johana Yan, Engineer
San Diego, CA

March 2006's prize is one of the new Smith Chart themed T-shirts shown above. Send us an e-mail with the following page names and the company logo that you find at the bottom of each page. You will be entered one time for each page title + company logo pair, for up to 12 chances to win. Good luck!
March 2006's Page Titles (look at the bottom of the pages)
Heaviest Element Discovered Laws of Logarithms RF & Wireless Engineering Event Calendar
Fixed Pi and T Attenuators - Equations RF Connector Torque Specifications Engineering & Science Humor
RF / Microwave / Wireless / Radar Engineering Quizzes Inductor Design Data College Project & Research Papers
C.I.E. Chromaticity Diagram Thermocouples Company Slogans

February 2006
Congratulations to the February Winner:
Paul Scott, Engineer
Kansas City, MO

February 2006's prize is one of the new Smith Chart themed T-shirts shown above. Good luck!
February 2006's Hidden Products
Adapters & Cables
Stealth Microwave
Radio Waves
Electronic Prototypes
RF Subsystems
Erzia Technologies
Satellite Simulator


January 2006 Gary Steinhour - the January 2006 winner of the RF Cafe Hidden Object Contest. He is seen here with his Celestron C8 telescope in California's Costal Mountains observation site where the Tri-Valley Stargazers hang out.Congratulations to Our January Winner:

Gary Steinhour, Senior Technologist
at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
There were a total of 25 entries from 8 visitors.
Gary found 6 objects.

January 2006's prize is one of the new Smith Chart themed T-shirts shown above. Good luck!
January 2006's Hidden Products
TechNote Time Watch
Ohm's Law Clock
Spectrum Microwave
Filtered LNA
e-Way Business Solutions
Website Development
R.F. Tools
Stability Circles
Polyphase Microwave
SSB Modulator
JQL Electronics

Windfreak Technologies Frequency Synthesizers - RF Cafe
KR Electronics (RF Filters) - RF Cafe

Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe

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