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As with most venues provided to the public at no direct charge, RF Cafe relies on the generosity of independent advertisers to underwrite the production costs of the endeavor. It is with the greatest sincerity that I thank the companies who have chosen to support RF Cafe.

Of course, without visitors (you) - both regularly returning and new arrivals - there would be no incentive for companies to spend their hard-earned money on advertising. My job is to see to it that advertisers and visitors always have a reason to maintain a presence on the website.

If the occasion arises where you can use the products and/or services of the good companies that advertise on RF Cafe, I would appreciate your visiting their websites or call their offices at the beginning of your search.

Here is a complete list of RF Cafe advertisers.

Company:Highlighted Ad
Coaxial Dynamics, Inc.
6800 Lake Abram Drive
Middleburg Heights, OH  44130 
Click to visit Coaxial DynamicsCoaxial Dynamics
Middleburg Heights, OH
Tel: 1-800-COAXIAL

Coaxial Dynamics has been a leading manufacturer of precision equipment for the measurement and termination of RF power for over 30 years. Our equipment is used by engineers and technicians in a wide variety of applications throughout the world. We have sales offices all over the world to serve your needs.
Our Products and Solutions Include
Digital Broadcast Equipment - Wattchman RF
   monitor, high power meters, plug-in elements
Directional Wattmeters - Average & peak
   power, Field strength meters
Line Sections & Elements - 7/8" to 6-1/8"
Plug-In Elements - 7/8" to 6-1/8"
Loads & Attenuators - Dry, liquid, air, and
   forced air cooled, coaxial
Signal Samplers - Tap-offs, x-Tractors
Meters - Portable & panel mount
Accessories - Quick-match, coupling kits
Low Pass Filters - 100W and 200 W
Power Sensors - Mainline, wideband
Custom OEM Products - Send us your specs

Online Price Quotes Available

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Coaxial DynamicsCoaxial DynamicsMeasurement and termination equipment for RF Digital broadcast equipment - RF monitors, high power meters, plug-in elements, field strength meters, line sections & elements, signal samplers.
Copper Mountain Technologies (VNA) - RF Cafe
withwave microwave devices - RF Cafe

Werbel Microwave (power dividers, couplers)

Anritsu Test Equipment - RF Cafe